Khunphaen Fang In Koo Ajarn Pu Chin 100,000 Fallen Tears Lovespell Amulet

Special Unisex Khun Phaen for Maha Sanaeh with 3 Takrut, and In Koo in rear face, made with extreme concentrated Prai Powders and sprayed with Nam Man Prai Oil, from Phu Chin. The front face features Khun Phaen seated with his consort and two Nymphs in attendance, with three Takrut Maha Sanaeh for Charm and Attraction, the Muan Sarn of the amulet is highly concentrated with Prai Powders, Pokasap Gemstones, Wan Dork Tong Herb, and sprayed with Nam Man Prai Necromantic Serum Oil.

The rear face has the Sacred Na Won Wian for Maha Jang-Ngang Dizzy Stunner Spell to stun your customers and targeted lovers, and make them fall head over heals, or to gain the element of surprise. Sacred Ploi Sek Maha Pokasap Gemstones are inserted into the Muan Sarn of the rear face.

The Khun Phaen Saen Nam Dta Dtok 100,000 Fallen Tears Lovespell is a Wicha, which melts hearts and induces mercy and generosity in the hearts of those who approach. Extremely powerful prai Maha Sanaeh Maha Lap amulet for Lucky Fortunes, Love Affairs, Gambling and Business, as well as Promotion in Social and Professional areas of life.

The rear face has a Sacred In Koo Symbiotic Deva inserted for immense Maha Sanaeh Magick, made from Nuea Wan Dork Tong Golden Flower Herb Powders, renowned for their power of attraction and enchantment magick.