Phra Sivali Amulet LP Dum Wat Santi Dhamma

Phra Sivali sacred powder amulet with Kuman Thong on rear side. Released in Buddha Abhiseka Circa 2553 BE after a three month Traimas (Trimester) Empowerment Period. Pure Metta Mahaniyom and Maha Lap Magic imbued within the Sacred Puttakun Powders, of this Phra Sivali Um Badtr (Chimplee Arahant with Almsbowl), with Kuman Thong Um Sap (Kumarn with Treasure Sack) on rear face, with Pong Tabai (metal filings from casting of Buddha Images) sprinkled on the rear face below the Kumarn.
A Powerful and now very rare amulet for Metta and Lucky Auspicious events. The temple stamp of authenticity is embossed in the base. This amulet is a two in one and has double effect of Phra Sivali along with the Kuman Thong Kwak Sap, with the option of double Bucha methods which should at best both be employed, in order to empower and manifest the magic of the amulet to its fullest.

You must First pray to Pra Sivali (always of course praying to Buddha first if you are Buddhist, and chanting Namo Dtassa Pakawadto Arahadto Sammaa Samputtassa 3 times. Buddhists must always pay reverence to the Triple Gem before praying to any Deities).

Luang Por Dum has been a celebrated Internationally revered Sorceror-Monk for well over two decades, and was already one of the great Ajarns who visited Singapore and Malaysia long before many other masters ever did, and won the hearts of devotees around South East Asia, through the word to ear news which traveled around the Asian Continent telling stories of success with his amulets, from Devotees around the world. His amulets are far and few to find these days, since he retreated during the last years to take a less prominent position and focus on his practices, but his following remains as fervent as ever, and his early era amulets are amongst the most highly sought after by Asian and Western Buddhist Devotees

Kata Bucha Kumarn Tong (LP Dum Wat Santitam)
Aehi Kumaa Aehi Komahingsaa Aehi Tanang Aehi Aaahaara Pochanang Lohidtang Warang Sudthaa