Pra Somdet Bang Khun Prom

This Amulet is from one of the four Royal temples - Wat Bang Khun Prom
The amulet is called "Pra Somdej Bang Khun Prom Chae Nam Montr" - Chae Nam Montr means soaked in prayer water. The amulet was blessed in 2547 (about five years ago) and soaked in prayer water. These amulets from royal temples will be taken for Piti Putapisek (blessing and chanting) to all four temples and blessed four times before release. This is already becoming a rather rare amulet to find, as most people who rented do not wish to rent due to the fact that the price will increase a lot as the years pass.

Price; SG$140 SOLD! Out of Stock! (Thanks to Mr. Andrew for Support)

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