Phra Khunpaen

Phra Khunpaen is useful for charm and attraction, as well as good salesemanship in business.
Pra Khunpaen LP Tim
Here are some Pra Khunpaen amulets from Luang Phu Tim of Wat Pra Khaw temple. Luang Phu Tim passed away recently, and his amulets are now in extreme demand. These were made the year before his passing away and are thus the last amulets made by him. Luang Phu Tim has gthe distinguished honor of being the original and first ever monk to begin making amulets in the likeness of Luang Por Tuad, as he was abbot of Wat Chang Hai temple (temple of Luang Por Tuad). Pra Luang Phu Tim is now elected to the status of "Pra Ariya Sangha" meaning he is of the saint level. Both his Khunpaen amulets and Luang Por Tuad amulets have hgained legendary status in Thailand. These amulets can be considered a perfect remembrance of his goodness.

The Khunpaen amulet above has sacred khom agkara lettering on the back as a protection and charm blessing. Rent price; SG$50

The Khunpaen amulet above is made of clay - rent price; SG$ 40

The Khunpaen amulet below is from Luang Por Poon in Wat Pai Lom temple in Nakorn Pathom. It has a Kumarn Tong on the back side to increase fortune and sales for business as well as the charming and metta aspects already coming from Pra Khunpaen. Pra Khunpaen also has good power for salesmen and merchants, but with the gumarn tong added the effect is considered to be extremely increased.

Price; SG$100

Kumarn Tong is in meditation - this Kumarn is called Kumarn Samasadhi, or Kumarn Samabidhi
Phra Khunpaen In Koo Luang Phu Hongs 3 tagrud (copper silver and gold) and precious stone

This amulet has In Koo on the back to increase your attractiveness and charm - The Khunpaen on the frontside has three tagruds (in silver gold and copper) and a semi precious stone for increased power. These amulets were made with one, two, and three tagruds in them and were rented at different prices, depending on how many stones and tagruds were inserted. This was to enable people who wished to make more merit by donating a larger amount to the temples to be able to also have a more collectible and rare memento with their protective charms and amulets they rented..

Apart from the obvious benefits coming from magic Buddhist amulets, the act of renting an amulet is also a great merit (poon) because one is donating funds to the temple and helping to maintain the Buddha sangha andthe Buddha sasana. Amulets are a great way for people to make merit because the person donating/renting gets a magical protection and charm and a memento for his merits, and also gets good karma too for making his donation by renting. When i began to consider distributing and renting amulets i wasn;t too sure if it was right or not, but after talking with many masters and temples about my feelings in this matter, they all assured me that i was doing a good thing because not only was i donating to the temples by renting, i was also travelling around and making amulets available to devotees in other places too. What is clear is that when selling amulets one is not allowed to simply keep all the profit, rather just take enough to cover ones expenses and a tiny nbit extra, and the rest must go to making more merit in Buddhism. This ensures "samma achiwa" (right livelihood - one of the paths of the eightfold path as taught by Buddha). Apart from this it also sees that both myself as distributor and the people renting get even more merit and good karma by re-investing in more donations to the sangha.

Backside of Khunpaen LP Hongs - Int Koo (lovers) with Na Me Dhi kata for metta
$SG140 Now Reduced Price; SG$90 

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