Suea Yant LP Parn

This is a pretty rare aquisition of Yantra shirt with Yant Grao Paetch (diamond armour) and a host of other Yantras along with the image of Luang Por Parn of Wat bang Nom Kho on it. I have owned this yantra shirt (called "suea yant" in Thai) for quite some years now, although i am not sure in which year it was made, but it is definitely rather aged.
I am willing to rent it for a donation, which i would use half of to make merit with by making offerings to the Sangha for a good cause. Price is auctionable

Luang Por Parn was the abbot of Wat bang Nom Kho temple and famous for his Magical yantra of Diamond armour. he also made some amulets in six different styles with Buddhas riding on animals, which are now extremely expensive and hard to find. The Government of Ayuttaya have made some remakes of these amulets mixing some of the ancient ones into the mixture for the new ones in honor of Luang Por Parn and for collectors to be able to aqquire these amulets again, which are so scarce these days. Many Master monks were called upon for the Puttapisek ceremony to bless them too.
Below - Wat Bang Nom Kho amulet made by the Municipality of Ayuttaya; Called "praputtajao song sathw (Buddha riding animal). I have two of these, one riding a bird (good Klaew Klaad avoiding accidents magic, and avoid being tricked), and one on a porcupine (good Kong Grapan magic) . The ones i have are similar to the one in the below pic, made with old Wat bang Nom Kho amulets mixed into them.
To rent one, you can contact me on sakyant at windowslive dot com or fone 98323062 (Singapore)
Rental price in Singapore; SG$100