Luang Por Phern Phaed Tidt

Luang por Phern amulet with the Master himself on the front side and Yant Paed Tidt on the back. The Yant on the back has a tiger head in the middle and Pra Rahu quarding each of the eight directions, as well as eight Buddhas. Made and blessed in 2551, the amulet is pure Kong Grapan Chadtri and "klaew klaad" protection against all forms of dangers, including (if you believe), protection against bullets and projectiles. The eight directions protect you on your travels from accidents. Apart from this the amulet is a perfect object of reverence for Looksit (devotees) of the Master Monk Luang Por Phern, of wat bang pra temple, which is so famous for sak yant magic tattoos and the Master Day ceremony. The size of this amulet is about 3 and a half cm wide

Price: SG$ 80 SOLD! Thank you to Mr. Alan for support in renting this amulet

Number in stock - Currently Out of Stock
To rent it, you can contact me on sakyant at windowslive dot com or fone 98323062 (Singapore) 

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