Pikanes Pid Ta amulet

This small statuette of Pra Pikanes is an unusual creation by Luang Phu Hongs of Wat Paetchburi Surin. This amulet is now rare and in demand with followers of LP Hongs. The price of this amulet is escalating on the Thai amulet market in the moment.

 Price: SG100$

The amulet is made of brass, and depicts Pra Pikanes (Ganesh) covering his eyes like Pra Pid Ta, and is both kong grapan klaew klaad as well as Maha Lap (lucky fortune and wealth).

Real or fake?
If you look at the above photo and the one below,you will see that the detail and metallic sheen is not the same as each other. This one below is a fake. I found the pic on a thai amulet website on sale for 800 baht (about 45 dollars).

I have one of these in a perspex casing ready for wearing. The amulet is quite small -perhaps one  and a half centimeter in height.

Below;portrait of L.P. Hongs

Hlwong Phu Hongs is considered one of the present days most popular master amulet makers.

Above pic;  Spirit Orbs in the Puttapisek ceremony with LPHongs

You can contact me on sakyant at windowslive dot com or fone 0866799251 (Thailand) or 98323062 (Singapore) if you wish to rent these amulets. - or go to the new online shop at Siam Amulets Online
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