Tiger SkinTagruds stop guns

See what you think about this video of Hlwong Por Dtee lek from Petchaburn allow laypersons to test out loaded guns on one of his Tagrud amulets,to show the power of Ud Pern, Kong Grapan. His temple is in Samnak Badibat Tamma in Petchaburn

LP Dtee Lek lets the devotees try each gun out with three shots first. Then he hangs a tagrud amulet up on the altar to test the guns with. The devotees fire one shot with each gin at the amulets.. (see for yourself if they shoot or not). Ajarn Dtee Lek has joined forces with other famous Master Monks such as LP Khuy and LP Bunmee before to bless amulets. He is one of the Monks currently in the mouths of many for his shows of magic. I am able to obtain Tagrud amulets from this temple, of which there are various editions.

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