Hlwong Por Phern amulet Wat Bang Pra

Hlwong Por Phern cement amulet with LP Phern Civara monk robe inserted.

Pra Pong Hlwong Por Phern - sai phaa Jiworn; This amulet is of Hlwong Por Phern, made at Wat Bang Pra quite some Years ago (exact date unknown to me).

The amulet has a brass coin embedded in the back, with a picture of a Chedi spire on it. A piece of the Robe of Hlwong Por Phern is inserted into the amulet too.

Unfortunately, the edge of the amulet on the backhas a small chip in it - this is due to wear and tear because this amulet has had an owner and has been worn for many years

Rental Price - $SG60

You can contact me on sakyant at windowslive dot com or fone 98323062 (Singapore) if you wish to rent amulets. 

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