Buddha riding Bird amulet -LP Ruesi Ling Dam

Pra Somdet Khee Nok Luang Por Ruesi Ling Dam, Wat Ta Sung
Luang Por Ruesi Ling Dam was the prime disciple of Luang Por Parn (Wat bang Nom Kho,Ayuttaya). LP Parn made the famous six animal collection of Somdet Khee sat (Buddha riding animals) amulets, which he learned from Chee Ba Khaw. This Wicha was passed on to LP Ruesi Ling Dam, who then also created these amulets. The LP Parn amulets are in principle the same as the LP Ruesi Ling Dam, except for the fact that the collectors market in Thailand has pushed the WBNK amulets up in price to the point where they are almost unpayable.
The LP Ruesi Ling Dam amulets aremuch more affordable but have been blessed in the same way.LP Ruesi Ling Dam is considered an Arahant just as much as LP Parn, which is in my opinion the highest from of blessing an amulet can have (from an Arahant). There are amulets which cost 100 times as much as LP Ruesi Ling Dam amulets but were only blessed by a general blessing with no Arahants present. Arahants are far and few between, as are amulets blessed by one. For this reason i believe that those who know the difference between sacred and not sacred will value this amulet more than those who simply follow what is popular in the collectors market (which is Buddhist art collection and dealer trading thinking, not religious thinking - don't forget to decide which side of the wall you are on in this world of amulets, before you choose what you are looking for)
If Sacredness and power means more to you than popular and fashionable, then this is an authentic real sacred amulet for you.Made by the hand of LP Ruesi Ling Dam himself, using Pong Itaje powder from Somdet Luang Por Dto (Wat Rakang) in the mixture.

 This amulet is one of my personal ones and as you see still on the chain i wear.  I might consider renting it to the right person, so if you are a devotee of LP Ruesi Ling Dam then you could contact me to inquire if you wish.
Luang Por Banlam Amulets Naga Land Tibet Sacred Stones Offering

Kata for LP Ruesi Ling Dam; 
Sig Khid Ta Pan Dti

Kata Maha Laap;  
Na Maa Mee Maa Mahaa Laapaa Idti Puttassa Suwannang Waa Ratchadtang Waa Manee Waa Tanang Waa Weechang Waa Adthang Wa Bidthang Waa Aehi Aehi Aaka Cheuya Idti Mee Maa Na Maa Mi Hang

นะมามีมา มะหาลาภา อิติ พุทธัสสะ
สุวัณณัง วา ระชะตัง วา มะณี วา ธะนัง วา พีชัง วา อัตถัง วา ปัตถัง วา
เอหิ เอหิ อาคัจเฉยยะ อิติ มีมา นะมามิหัง

Luang Por Banlam Amulets Naga Land Tibet Sacred Stones Offering The Thai Amulet (Archaeological Mysteries, No. 7) Thai Amulet Jatukam Gao-na Maha Chohk Maha Saehtthee The Great Amulet

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