Sariga birds in sacred Oil with Kata

These Sariga birds are from a single batch of 100 made by Hlwong Por Dte of Wat Pah Maha Chanok, which are in the process of being made and will undergo Putta Pisek blessing once they are ready. This example is the first one made and belongs to LP Dte, who let me take it to photograph and post here. They will be made in three sizes, large, medium and small. They will be distributed enclosed in a perspex casing as in the photo and soaked in blessed sacred prayer oil (Nam Man Jantr). The Sariga bird is an attraction spell for Metta Mahiniyom and love charms, which will make both business sales rocket, as well as increase your popularity in both the workplace and your love life.

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He hopes to use the funds from the Sariga birds to fund the further development of the temple, which only has a salon for dhamma practice, and one Kuti hut, plus seven unfinished Buddha statues. The forest temple is very sparse and LP Dte actually sleeps outside under the roof of the dhamma salon (sala badibat tam) because his Kuti houses the seven heads of the Buddha statues which are unfinished due tolack of finances. I stay oftenn with LP Dte there in the forest and can guarantee that this place is in need of much help to improve the living conditions because we have to sleep outside and withstand cold winds and rain storms as well as the mosquitos and beware of dangeoruos animals such as snakes etc.

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The Sariga birds will be released at a rental price of  $SG50 dollars. Only one hundred will be made for a first edition, so they will also be very collectible too. The Kata on the birds says  Na Chaa Li Dti Na Ma Pa Ta on one side, and Put Ta Sang Mi  Na Ma A U on the other. These Kata arepure Metta Mahaniyom Maha Sanaeh - Na ChaaLi Dti is used for great luck and fortune and can be seen in many  attaraction and luck charms such as chu chok and nang kwak. You should use these Kata to chant whilst wearing the amulet and also to chant into it before putting it on in the morning. You can add the Kata "Gaara Wigo Gaara Gaa Noo" as the heart mantra of Sariga too if you like whilst chanting.

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You can contact me on sakyant at windowslive dot com or fone 98323062 (Singapore) if you wish to helpLP Dte toimprove the temple and rent a Sariga amulet, and i will communicate the details to you. The Sarigashould be ready this month, so contact me if you wish to get on the list before they are all gone.

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