Pra Gru Tham Suea

Pra Gru Tham Suea is one of Supannburi's famous ancient amulets. This example is one of two bowls i found whilst staying at Wat Pha Maha Chanok forest temple in Krabi province. This is a very sparse temple in the jungle wher only one monk, the abbot Hlwong Por Dte is resident. I stay with this monk when i wish to practice Tudong and meditation in the deep forest. LP Dte brought these amulets with him from another monk in Supannburi in Ban Sorng Pi Norng municipality. They were apparently taken from a Gru (burial chamber for storing and empowering amulets - normally underneath a Buddha statue in the shrine) in Supann(buri).

Pra Gru Tham Suea is at least as important as Pra Pong Supann but is less known on the general market because of its greater rarity.  This amulet is believed to have been created by the Ruesi,most probably Por Gae Dta Fai. Pra Gru Tham Suea has many different prints, such as Ruesi face (Pim Hnaa Rasi), Doll face (Pim Hnaa Dtugadtaa), Old face (Pim Hnaa Gae), and and Miniature (Pim Jiw).

Pra Gru Tham Suea also has Pim Yai (big print) edition. The Pim Yai has 2 or  versions, but there are not such a great number of them that they can be easily classified and distinguishedfrom another. Mostly they will look similar in creation method and texture to an original Pra Khunpaen. Smooth clay baked with no sand grains in it (except for very few exceptions). the color of this amulet ranges from a faded rusty red in color like an old terracotta tile, to a strong deep reddish color. The surface of the clay will feel very dry and smoothed to the touch because the aging  of the amulet over a hundred or more years has dried the clay naturally with the passing of years.

Above pic; the two bowls of amulets i found at Wat Pah Maha Chanok -mostly Pra Gru Tham Suea but also some Somdej and other amulets were in the bowls too, all from Supannburi province, where they were found in a gru. Their age or maker is unknown, as is the case with many of the Pra Gru Tham Suea. This is actually the ashram where i sleep and practice too.

If you take a brush and polish the surface of the back you will see a smooth finish appear almost instantly. Pra Gru Tham Suea has the magical effect of Kong Grapan Chadtri and Klaew Klaad in it. It is an easy amulet to wear around the neck or carry, due to its size being neither too small nor big (just over half the size of a little finger).

In the ancient book "Pra Mueang Supann" (about Supannburi amulets),  by Ajarn Manas Opas (อาจารย์มนัส โอภากุล), it says that in the year 2504, a miracle occurred with this amulet;
There were three farmers in the middle of a field as a rainstomr began and lightning was flashing down over the fields. A bolt of lightning flashed down to where the three men were standing, and each of them were flung in different directions, where they remained how they had fallen unmoving. When the storm gave some respite, the relatives of the three farmers came looking and found them scattered there. Two of them were dead, and the other one was just sat there waiting miraculously unscathed. He was wearing the Pra Gru Tham Suea amulet around his neck. The chain of the amulet was melted but the amulet and the wearer were unharmed.

 Above; One of the other amulets i found in Wat Pah Maha Chanok.

In 2516, Mor Tong Plaew, a Civil servant of Supannburi, was going to see Sangkh Tong SiSai, a famous singer of the times, and the rain was falling heavily. He climbed the pillar on the side of her house and was talking to one of her relatives. Then lightning struck the pillar and Tong Plaew was thrown to the floor as the wooden pillar broke into smithereens. Mr.Tong Plaew lay motionless on the floor. Everyone thought he was dead, but upon inspection he was found to have simply knocked out. They took him to hospital to check, but it turned out that he was completely unharmed. He was wearing the Pra Gru Tham Suea amulet.

Above; One of the Somdej amulets in the collection at Wat pah maha Chanok. Only three of four of these were found.

LP Dte is currently trying to raise funds for completing the seven Buddha statues, whose heads are still unfortunately missing. For this reason i decided to ask if we could auction some of these amulets which he has in the temple of Wat Pah Maha Chanok, in order to be able to hire an artist to complete the statues. After this he plans to construct some meditation huts (Kutis) for Foreigners to come and practice in the deep forest and get a taste of how it was done in the times of Lord Buddha. It is difficult for Lp Dte to raise funds being alone as well as the temple being in the forest in the middle of an Islamic part of the province, with only three Buddhist families living nearby, so these amulets will help me to raise some funds for his upcoming projects as well as his food and overheads of the temple.

Contact me for discussing a price.

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You can contact me on sakyant at windowslive dot com or fone 98323062 (Singapore) if you wish to help LP Dte to finish the Buddha statues, by renting any of these amulets.