Kumarn Tong and Choo Choke amulets

Collectable Authentic Sacred Kumarn Tong amulets 

 This Kumarn  Tong above is from Ruesi Putta Taro from Ashram Ruesi Phu Jao Saming Prai (tiger head Ruesi ) It is soaked in Nam Man Gai Daeng sacred oil (Gai daeng means "red cockerel"). 
Rental Price - SG$60 - SOLD OUT!

Above;Kumarn Tong - Duang Dee Twee sap edition (double your fortunes) from Kroo Ba Jao Duang Dee Wat ta Jampee. 3.5 centimeters. Bronze with gold embellishments.  
Rental price SG$120 SOLD OUT

Below; Choo Chok by Ajarn Phu Jao Bun Lerd from Wat Khao Bon Lon in Lopburi

Rental Price - SG$60

Above; Kumarn Tap Sap amulet - 4 inches long.Made by Kroo Ba Tas of Wat Na Hnun, Payao province.
Rental Price - SG$110 SOLD OUT

First generation Kumarn froom Pra Ajarn Sukh Sit from Wat bang Na Chon, Krung Tep maha Nakorn.
Rental price; SG$70 SOLD OUT

Above;Kumarn Jao Sua - Luang Por Chuan, Wat Bang Gaew, Ang Tong.
Rental price; SG$65 SOLD OUT

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