Gumarn Tong Wat sam Ngam

Luang Por Dte

Wat Sam Ngam is perhaps the most famous temple for Gumarn Tong statues right now.

The temple is famous for both of the last 2 generations of Masters who are known for their Gumarn Tong statues at this temple;LP Dte and his protoge LP Yaem.

This particular statue is an older one made by the first of the two Masters,LP Dte.
Kumarn Tong is closely connected to the Thai story of Khun Chang Khun Phaen, who made one by removing the stillborn baby from the stomach  of his wife

The base of the Statue has an amulet made from sacred Kumarn powder in it.The statue was made mixing cement with various magical substances;
Earth from 7 cemeteries
Ashes of burnt bones taken from 7 Meru Chedis (relic Stupas)
Earth from 7 salt licks
Earth from 7 sacred caves
Earth from 7 river mouths
Earth from seven fields or gardens
Ashes from the burnt bones of 7 dead children
broken pieces of temple wall

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screenshots of the section on Kumarn Tong;

Kuman Tong
Kumarn Tong
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