Tiger Head amulets Wat Bang Pra

 These most beautiful Tiger head amulets are some of the latest creations from Wat Bang Pra, home of the Sak Yant Tattooo festival (Wai Kroo Hlwong Por Phern) dedicated to the master of Spiritual tattoo, Hlwong Por Phern Tithakunoe

The enamel painting and detail of these amulets is impressive.

Tiger amulet with tagrud and tiger skin Wat Bang Pra

Tiger Head Amulet (cast iron) Wat Bang Pra

Tiger head Amulet Wat Bang Pra (White)
 These amulets are of course Kong Grapan invincibility/agility magic, as well as Maha Amnaj (strength and power). This is good for army officers or people in administrative or commanding positions, as well as those who have to encounter dangerous situations or risk their life often.

To rent an amulet from me, you can contact me on sakyant at windowslive dot com, Or Phone 98323062 (Singapore) or +66886799251(Thailand). Rental prices on this blog are all in Singapore dollars Postage per EMS costs 5 dollars in Singapore, and 20 dollars for international delivery up to 500 grams. In Most cases though, you can come to see the amulet in Singapore before you buy it if you wish, by phoning the Singapore number and making an appointment to meet and see the amulet. This will be conducted by my wife, so if you have any difficult questions you must contact me on the email address given above, as my wife cannot answer the more difficult questions.

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