Tiger Skin Tagrud Luang Por Dtad

Hlwong Por Dtad (Pra Putta Wiriyaagorn), of Wat Chai Nai(passed away),Pechtburi province, is one of Thailands great Gaeji Ajarn. A great specialist in Tagrud amulets, and Phalad Khiks, he is the creator of a vast range of different Tagrud as well as other amulets.
His leaden Tagrud amulets are legendary, Some of his tiger skin Tagruds would also contain leaden Tagruds concealed within the tiger skin too. LP Dtat was renowned for his great humility, and modesty. He never presented stories of himself or made claims about his powers, or amulets.

I couldn't believe my luck as i searched all the amulet dealers and distribution points around the whole province for tiger skin amulets,and suddenly after almost giving up, i found all three of these in one go!

What i like about  Tagrud amulets is that one like these are still hand made and the Yant designs are made by the hand of the maker. In the case of cement amulets and medallions, this is in modern times ever less the case. So this is a kind of amulet that is for me, much closer to the mind of the master.

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I shall be adding the Katas for tiger Tagruds and tiger tattoos in the upcoming Katas Page, which will have the phonetic translations as well as sound files available for download to practice perfect pronunciation with. For those interested in how Tagrud amulets are made, and in learning about Yant magic, i recommend my E-Book which is now released as an online pdf download.
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