Mysterious pictures of Hlwong Por Dte

After posting about the amulets i found with Hlwong Por Dte at wat Pah Maha Chanok, i found these fotos i made with my mobile phone of the temple, and the walk i took with LP Dte into the forest to survey where to build meditation huts There are some strange things appearing around Hlwong Por in these photos. Have a look and see the rainbows and Naga ship which floats in front of Lp Dte's eyes in the forest.

Hlwong Por Dte is trying to raise funds for the development of a Vipassana forest retreat center for foreigners to come and practice Vipassana and Samatha meditation. I have permission to distribute some of the amulets we found there to aid in fundraising for the project. There are some Pra Gru tham Suea amulets, a very few various Somdet amulets all of which are from Supannburi and were at Wat Pah Maha Chanok by the monk who brought them. Apart from these rare amulets, Lp Dte is making some Nok Sariga love charms  with Metta which he wishes to distribute a series of only one hundred examples of this famous Metta Mahaniyom Maha Saneh charm.

He also needs funds to complete the seven headless Buddha statues which are in dire need of completion.Lp Dte lives alone surrounded by Islamic community as the sole Buddhist monk in the temple. He has no hut to live in because it is being used to house the heads of the Buddha statues until they can be placed on the statues.

 The above Sala Badibat tam (Dhamma hall for teachings and practicing in groups) was built after some kind devotees from central Thailand came for Tord Kathina ceremony of donating robes and they gathered enough donations to build this Sala

One of the small shrines in this humble forest temple.

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