In Koo Twins Love Charm in Charm Oil - Hand carved Rak Yom wood - Ajarn Kom Traiwaet

In Mai Rak Yom Dtaay Prai Gae - Chae Nam Man Sanaeh Ranjuan Jidt (In Koo Deity in Enchantment Oil - hand carved from Rak Yom wood) - Ajarn Kom Traiwaet - Asrom baramee Por Gae (Supannburi)

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This In Koo amulet was hand carved from wood of a Sacred Rak Yom tree, so has both In Koo and Rak Yom magic, as well as the fact that the tree is 'Rak Yom Dtaay Prai' (a Rak Yom tree that died in the correct circumstances to make it a Magical Prai substance).

Thai Amulet
Useful with the opposite sex, makes those who approach feel friendly and helpful towards you. Those without a Husband or Wife will find their companion in Life.