Wila Nam Choke - Lucky Black waving cat amulet - Ajarn Kom Traiwaet

Wila Kwak Nam Choke (Lucky waving cat) - Nuea Pong Pasom Rok Maew (umbilical cords of nine black cats) - Ajarn Kom Traiwaet - Asrom Baramee Por Gae (Supannburi).

The Lucky Black Cat is a known luckbringer in many different Cultures. The Thai Animist magical Wicha of Lucky black Cats uses the umbilical cords of nine Black Cats born together, mixed with various sacred powders made from woods flowers, pollens and herbs that are powerful Metta Mahaniyom and Maha Saneh charms. Price includes waterproof casing.
This amulet is very apt for shopkeepers, salesmen and spokespersons. Apt for Ladies too.

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The rear face has a Numerical yantra, the number 9 embossed on it. The number nine can be used as a Sacred geometry (Numerology) to inflect certain meanings and thus, spells. 9 is a sacred number in Buddhism, as well as being a lucky number, and the number of lives a Cat is supposed to have. Nine umbilical cords from nine black cats are powdered and mixed into the Muan sarn sacred powders. Because of the Nine Lives of the Cat, the protection magic of Evasion of danger (Klaew Klaad) is an added terciary Magical effect of this amulet.

Thai Amulet

Useful for improving Commerce and attracting customers (primary magic), as well as helping to attract friends, admirers and lovers (secondary magic).

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