Pra Pikanes (Ganesh) amulet with 5 silver Takrut and Ploi Ta Suea stones - LP Nong

Pra Pikanes (Ganesh) Loi Ongk - Nuea Chanuan Pised - 5 Silver Takrut Dtreung Dtrai Pob and Ploi Ta Suea (Tiger eye stones)- Luang Phu Nong Radtanachodto - Wat Wang Sri Nuan

Pra Pikanes pendant type amulet for Success and Prosperity in Business, Profession and Social Status. Pra Pikanes is the Deity of Completion and Successfgul Accomplishment, and removes your Obstacles to enable and ensure your Success in your undertakings. Patron deity of various Professions, especially the Visual, Cultural and Dancing Arts. Artists and Performers all worship Pra Pikanes, as do those in the race for elevate status, such as Politicians and the like. In addition, Pra Pikanes is also a Master Ruesi (being the son of the highest Ruesi of all; Shiva). anmd therefore a Kroo of the Thai Ruesi Masters. His Head exists in the Pantheon of 'Siarn Kroo' (Kroo Ruesi deity masks) and is present in many Wai kroo ceremonies. He can thus be revered both as a Deva and as a Kroo Deity for the Magical Arts.

Blessed and empowered by Luang Phu Nong Tammachodto, of Wat Wang Sri Tong (Sra Kaew).LP Nong is a Master of Kasin Fai (Fire elemental empowerment) and a Master Ruesi of Great Prowess. His amulets are full of Metta with a strong and active Aura, a result of his most powerful Incantations and Evokation of Kasina magic. The amulet is made from Buea Chanuan Pised (pieces of ancient and sacred amulets, statues, yantra and other sacred metals).

The Rear face is filled with sacred powders sealed with lacquer and 5 sacred silver Takrut spell inserted, with 'Ploi Ta Suea' (Sacred Tiger Eye).

Luang Phu Nong

Luang Phu Nong Tammachodto is the true nephew of Luang Por Derm (Wat Nong Po) and recieved direct Wicha magical training from his Uncle. Luang Por Nongs amulets are both powerfully made according to the Wicha of Luang Por Derm, as well as having been designed and created by some of Thailands finest Buddhist and Brahman artistic craftsmen. A perfect combination of powerful sacred Buddha Magic and Beautiful aesthetic Religious Art.

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