Kuman Rak Yom Taep Rit Sacred Earth from 7 cemeteries and gold leaf - LP Naen Kampiro

Kuman Rak Yom Taep Rit Song Gler Chuk Chon - Nuea Din Jet Pha Cha (Sacred Earth from 7 cemeteries) Pid Tong (gold covering) - Luang Phu Nen - Wat Ban Kaset Tun Sethee

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Luang Phu Nen, or 'Luang Phu Naen', of Wat Ban Kaset Tung Sethee has made this Rak Yom using various substances in three different materials; Nuea Din Jet Pha Cha (Sacred Earth from 7 cemeteries), Nuea Mai Rak Yom (Rak Yom tree wood), and Nuea Pong Gaesorn Bad Tong (white sacred powders with gold leaf). This example is the Gammagarn special Pim, and top of this line of three Rak Yom amulets. Waterproof casing and Registered Airmail delivery included in the price Worldwide.

The rear face has Ploi stones (precious stones), and double silver Takrut spells inserted, and is immersed in Prai Oil. The amulet contains also some other relic and ingredients.

This edition, is from the Wai Kroo Burapajarn (Yearly reverence Ceremony to the the North-Eastern Ancient Masters), celebrating the raising of the Chadtra (Canopy) of the Chedi Stupa, which was performed on the Wai Kroo Ceremony.

These business enhancer attraction charms are especially empowered with poweruld ingredients and sacred charm Prai oils to amplify the effects of the amulets.

Thai Amulet

Luang Phu Naen Kampiro of Wat Ban Kaset Thung Sethee, is a Master of Prai and Maha Sanaeh magic as well as being a specialist in the Wicha Sariga Pak Dee (sweet mouthed Sariga bird). He is Adept at making a vast array of charms and amulets, ranging from the Hun Payont, Rak Yom, to the Sariga and the Palad Khik.

Kata Bucha Rak Yom Taep Rit
Ijidt-Dtang Jaedtasi Gangruubpang Nimidt-Dtang Gumaarowaa Jao Rak Jao Yom Aakajchaahi  Aehi Aehi Na Ma Pa Ta Na Ma Pa Ta Na Ma Pa Ta 

If you pray and chant every day to the amulets, you must not then miss a single day. If not, you can do once a week, and on Auspicious Buddhist Occasions. If you perform the Kata chanting every single day, the Magic of the Rak Yom will increase in strength, and become ever more noticeable.

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