Lek Lai Jet See - (7 colors Lek Lai) - Phu Ruesi Wiratataep Naka Taewa Sin

Sacred Lek Lai from Ruesi Wirata taep Nakaa Taewaa Sin
This kind of Lek Lai is called Lek Lai Jet See, meaning 'seven colored Lek Lai'.

It is a Kaya Siddhi element with a Deva inhabiting it. Its properties and miraculous powers are legendary both for their invincibility protective magic and the ability to increase luck and prosperity.

Size of this item is 1.8 Cm high x 1.5 Cm wide without case. This item comes with free stainless steel casing but you can order waterproof casing if wished at an extra cost.

Phu Ruesi Wiratataep is currently diligently working to build a massive Pra Sangjajjai statue at his location at Suan Badibat Tam Putta Mongkol (see below image - this is still a model and is still in need of funds to be built)

Phu Ruesi Wiratataep is a very respected and diligent practitioner of Ruesi-Ism and Buddha Magic whose Merits are visibly obvious seeing what he is building. His project is as large and worthy as that of many Sangha Monks and Temples, and this forest location of Dhamma practice is a wonderful cause to support by renting his amulets, we are happy to be stocking amulets from Phu Ruesi Wiratataep in order to help his fund raising.

The subject of Lek Lai and all the different kinds in existence is one of the topics explained in Buddha Magic Issue 5

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