Rian Ba Chalu run Jaroen Baramee 89 - Luang Phu Kambu - Wednesday Birthday color enamel monk coin

Rian Ba Chalu Nuea Tong Khaw (white gold sacred alloy) - Long Ya Si Prajam Wan Gerd (Birthday color - Green/Wednesday) - Run Jaroen Baramee 89 (2554 BE) - Luang Phu Kambu - Wat Gut Chompoo - 499 made.
Thai Buddhist Amulet LP Kambu Monk Coin

Only 499 of these special Gammagarn Limited edition Birthday color amulet sets were made in this amazing edition of some of the most beautiful and finely honed masterpiece Monk Coin amulets to appear for a long time (in our opinion). Made from Tong Khaw (sacred alloy with silver and white gold mixed in). 'Long Ya' (luxury enamel finish in 7 colors - for the Auspicious colors of your birthday) This is a medium range amulet of the edition and is a perfect mix of luxurious finish whilst remaining affordable to most budgets.

LP Kam,buh Monk Coin amulets 89th Birthday

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Rian Ba Chalu Long Ya See Prajam Wan Gerd Wan Put - Run Jaroen Baramee 89 - LP Kambu - Wat Gut Chompoo

A large number of different variations in various mixes of sacred metals and enamels. The major difference between the two different engineering methods used to press and constrict the amulets is that some of them are 'Pim Ba Chalu Long Lai' and others are 'Pim Ba Chalu Yok Chan', which have a separate raised outer frame and a separate Monk Image, which are then inserted and bound together after being made in separate processes.

If you were to ask which of the two kinds is better, it would be hard to answer, for each different variation offers attracvtive features, with its own personality and style. The choice ranges between different combinations of three sacred metals in one coin (which consists of three pieces fit together), to other of one or more sacred metals which also have been dipped and coated in Ya Rachawadee Luxury enamels.

As to the Sacred Value of this Fabulously Luxurious Amulet, Luang Phu Kambu is an 89 Year Old Arya Sangha whose magic power goes unquestioned, as well as his correct and diligent practice of the Vinaya making his purity an essential aspect of the miracle power of his amulets. Being a Reprasentative of the Lord Buddha in his stead, he is more of an image of the power of the Buddha Dhamma and Sangha to heal and free from suffering and Uplift people to a happier and more prosperous life, than to be deeply aligned with occult charms and the like. Luang Phu Kambu amulets are therefore the type of amulet fitting for the faithful Buddhist, who wishes auspicuous blessings and perhaps is an aficionado of fine miniature Buddhist art too.

As a collector, these amulets are a perfect addition to ones showcase, and as a Devotee of the Lord Buddha and his Teachings, this is a perfect Buddhist amulet and a reminder of how to live and practice to attain the greatest bliss.

Those who know and revere Luang Phu Kambu will also have a reason for wearing believing in and praying to this amulet. We cannot recommend this line of amulets enough, for they are worth every penny for their mastery of design and sacred value. Just to run the eyes over the design of this amulet is to know pleasure. Fine Sacred Buddhist Art for the Connosseur.

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