Lek Lai, Rae Koh Larn, and Lek Lai amulets soon available

Upcoming on thailand-amulets.net - Lek Lai and Lek Lai related sacred elements in crude and amulet form.

Amongst the types to be stocked are;
Lek Lai Paetch Dam, Lek Lai Jao Pah, white Lek Lai, Lek Lai Paya Nak,Lek Lai Jet See (7 colored),Lek lai Nam Neung(Lek Lai Bpeek Malaeng Tap, Lek Lai Jao Pha, Lek Lay Gotapee, Lek Lai Ngern Yuan,Lek Lai Chee Ba Khaw, Lek Lai Paetch Dam, and Lek Lai Tong Pla Hlai). Hin Koh Larn is also about to be stocked, which is famous for its amazing healing properties and to keep illness and danger at bay.

In addition, amulets from reputable masters and ancient Gru hiding place amulets with Lek Lai will also be added to the store, such as Pra Nakprok Lek Lai, Pra Somdej, Nang Paya, Sum Gor, and Pra Kring from Luang Por Hone of Wat Putai Sawan.

I also plan to add some of the Pra Gru Na Doon Sila Daeng Prataat Ngork amulets.
Above; Pra Gru Na Doon (Pra Nakprok Prataat Ngork)

Above - Lek Lai  Khaw (white Lek Lai)

Above; Lek Lai Hyod from Ruesi Wirata Taep Taka Sin

Above; Lek Lai Jet See (7 colored Lek Lai)

Above; Rae Koh Larn - sacred alchemical element from Koh Larn with healing and protective powers.

Lek Lai Jet See

Rae Koh Larn

Purchasing a piece of Lek Lai is not certain to be a success. For Whether an Evil person can possess Lek Lai is arguable, so even purchase of a piece does not guarantee that the Lek Lai will remain with you. Normally, Lek Lai will like to remain with those who meditate or practice the Sila (5 Moral Precepts), and those who have accumulated merit and are pure in heart. Please consider this, for although Lek Lai has the power to increase riches, if the heart is full of greed, then the Lek Lai will be wasted and will disappear and return from whence it came, and your money will be lost.

Lek Lai is inhabited by the consciousness and spirit of a Deva or Ruesi Siddha, and can perform many things of its own volition, including disappearing if the owner is not suitable for its goals. It will help those who like to make Merit, give alms, and practice meditation, and keep the Moral precepts. A gun can not fire in the presence of Lek Lai, for it has repulsion power for any kind of gunpowder. Do not however think that this can be used for personal ends to do evil deeds, to try this with Lek Lai would only result in something bad happening. However, for those who have Moral conduct, the Lek Lai is a most powerful and  Miraculous protector and luck bringer that will help its owner, and bring benefits in countless ways.

Lek Lai is one of the featured chapters of Buddha Magic Issue five with 25 pages of informative info about Lek Lai, and how to use and worship it. Buddha Magic Issue 5 is available as of 7th November 2011.

Screen Shots of Buddha Magic Issue 5

Buddha Magic Issue 5 - 140 page special Issue!

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