Pra Nakprok Taep Nimit 'Run Wai Kroo 2496 BE' - Ajarn Chum Chai Kiree and Ajarn Pantaraks

Pra Nakprok Taep Nimit was created and empowered in 2496 BE by Ajarn Chum Chai Kiree. It was empowered at Wat Banpot Nimit. The amulet is in the form of the Buddha with a seven headed Naga canopy depicting the moment that the Naga King gave shelter from the rain to the Buddha as he sat in deep meditation in his attempt to enlighten. The amulet is detailed for its small size with the facial expression visible on the Nakprok Buddha.

3 cm high, 1 cm wide
The reason that this amulet is called 'Taep Nimit, is that the word Nimit means 'appear in a vision', and the Dtamra (legend) of Ajarn Chums 'Taep Nimit' amulets began with a vision in a dream.

In the dream, an ancient Monk appeared and foretold that those Humans who do not follow the Dhamma and have Moral Precepts will be engulfed in attacks by great weapons the world has never seen before, be invaded by pirates and thieves who are worse than wild animals, and attacked by ghosts and demons. Ladies will find this amulet a very good choice because of its petite size and thinness. Comes with or without casing.

The Muan Sarn used in the sacred powders in this amulet include flowers offered to the Buddha from all the Royal temples. as well as from a host of many of the most sacred public temples around Thailand, broken pieces of the Chedi Stupa and leaves from the Bodhi tree at Nakorn Sri Tammarat, a collection of the best sacred powders from a large number of the Greatest Ajarns, including Pong Wised from Ajarn Kong (the Ajarn of Khun Phaen himself), which was discovered when digging under the Chedi of Ban Sri Prajant in Supannburi.

Ajarn Chum Gave a Traimas empowerment to the amulets. As usual in the empowerment of the Puttapisek final ceremony, the famoous Khun Pan Rachadej was present to add his Incantations to the blessing. This amulet was given out to Devotees present in the Wai 2496 BEKroo Ceremony. A host of Famous Gaeji Ajarns of the Khao Or Lineage were present to assist with the blessings and Puttapisek chanting.

If we look at the History of the world since 2496 BE, when this amulet was made, we will see that many of these predictions made in Ajarn Chums dream, can seen to have come true. In order to keep safe from these dangers, the Old Monk said that Ajarn Chum should take flowers which Monks had offered to ask forgiveness to each other before the rainy seasons, and flowers which had been offered to the Buddha by the monks at the rainy season beginning ceremony.

He should gather this from 108 Sacred temples, and mix with pieces of powdered bricks from the Relic Stupa of Nakorn Sri Tammarat. In addition, the Monk in the vision said he should take powders from the great Bodhi tree, and powders from various important Samnak (temples where magic is practiced), and the sacred powders of Ajarn Kong (who was the Guru of Khun Phaen). These powders should be made into a Buddha amulet and given three months of empowerment.

Tests should be made on the amulets for their power, and also those who recieved them and wear them must make an official oath to the Buddha Dhamma and Sangha to leave sinful and immoral activity forever, and to practice Metta and offerings to the Sangha. If those who wear the amulet can keep these rules, they will be cmpletely safe and protected from the predicted evils. Luang Por Kong stayed in Wat Kae (wat Tan) in Supannburi during the time that Ayuttaya was the Royal Seat, and was the first Ajarn of Khun Phaen himself. He created the Pra Khun Phaen Ruean Gaew and gave to Khun Phaen himself for protection and blessings.

In the year 2470 BE, Luang Phu Kong entered the body of a Civil servant in Pattalung, South Thailand, and spoke through him, revealing the Dtamra of making a kind of Pra Khun Phaen to Ajarn Chum Chai Kiree. This Khun Phaen was called 'Pra Pong Taep Nimit' During the Puttapisek and further three month empowerment, Luang Phu Kong visited and entered the consciousness of Ajarn Chum the whole time to assist in the empowerment.

Not only this, but Ajarn Kongs spirit also demanded that Ajarn Chum remove some Pra Yord Khun Pon, Pra Khun Phaen and the bones of Luang Phu Kong himself from the inner chamber below the Chediat Wat Tn (Wat kae) in Supannburi (which had been there since the times of the Ayuttaya Kingdom) ใ Ajarn Chum went to ask for permission to dig there from the Ministry of Fine Arts and Culture.

As soon as the Devotees heard of this, they asked Ajarn Chum to make Pra Khun Phaen and Pra Taep Nimit amulets. Ajarn Chum thought carefully about it and thgought that if he did make them, then he would have funds to build an Uposadha shrine room at Wat ban Suan in Pattalung and dedicate it and the merits recieved to Luang Por Kong, as well as to distribute amulets to soldiers and other members of the military and police force who were defending the country from danger. Bucha Method (How to Worship)

Chant Namo Tassa 3 times first (as must be done before chanting to any amulets) Then pray hard and declare that you take refuge in the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha, then gaze at the Buddha on the face of the amulet for a moment, before breathing in and saying innerly 'Bud' and breating out and saying 'Dho' (or Put-To, depending on your pronunciation).

Keep doing this until your mind is still and clear. Once you have attained the stillness of meditation, then begin to chant the following;

I Sawaa Su Su Sawaa I - A Sang Wi Su Lo Bu Sa Pu Pa (3 times)

If you have any bothersome influences or events occurring, or questions you need answering, then light incense and call the devas that take care of the Buddhas to come, whilst thinking of Luang Phu Kong and Pra Khun Phaen.

Then place your hands together with the amulet between them, and begin to chant the following;

Na Ma Pa Ta Neu Meu Peu Teu 

Keep chanting it until the Deva of the amulet enters your mind, after which you wil be able to pose questions in your heart without words.

Ajarn Chum made the following statement about the Pra Nakprok, and Pra Pong Taep Nimit before handing them out; "These amulets i guarantee to truly protect from dangerous weapons of all kinds, including protecting from, and preventing thieves and pirates, and wild dangerous animals.

The amulet is heavily leaning towards Kong Grapan, Serm Duang and Metta Mahaniyom power. Both Men or Women or Children can use it". "It is forbidden to take the amulet and test its power for fun, which would be disrespectful, and endanger you of using up the miracle power it holds to protect you in the true moment of dire need. If you do not believe in the amulet, you should not come forward to recieve one, for it will bring you bad luck".

Tests using guns and sharp knives were performed, to test the magic on the throngs of Devotees present. Ajarn Chum is in my opinion the greatest and most powerful lay master of all living history of Thai Saiyasart. This amulet is a rare old amulet of undoubtable magical power to protect against knives, bullets and the like.

This example is in extremely fine condition, and a very beautiful example indeed. Extremely rare. The amulet is made from over 500 kinds of sacred powders which were collected by Ajarn Chum and Luang Por Kong (Wat Ban Suan) over 40 Years.
Because the Thai Government had issued papers calling for the army to gather and recruit to go into War in the Indochina war in 2497.

Kong Grapan Chadtri and Klaew Klaad magic at its finest. Below, You can view evidence of the miraculous events which occurred after one of Ajarn Chums amulet blessing ceremonies (2511 BE).

Ajarn Chum performs test of Kong Grapan

Ajarn Chum always used his famous magical oil to smear on the heads of the Devotees before performing Kong Grapan Magic, which you can also see him doing in some parts of the below video recording, taken at the Puttapisek blessing of his amulets in 2511.

A certain amount of the 2496 and 2497 Taep Nimit amulets were immediately distributed to the Military, and in the Wai Kroo Ceremonies of 2496/2497, but some of them were kept until 2511 and empowered constantly until then, and handed out during the Puttapisek.

Pra Nakprok Taep Nimit 'Run Wai Kroo 2496 BE' - Ajarn Chum Chai Kiree - Extremely Rare and Sacred 3cm x 1 cm - perfect for Ladies