Por Tan Nam amulet (Buddha on rear face) - Wat Ta Yay Hnee

Nam Choke Nam Sukh Nam Jaroen edition. In Thai, the word 'Nam' means 'to take towards', or 'to lead'.

Por Tan Nam is a famous Gaeji Ajarn in Thailand. His image was used in this amulet from Wat ta Yay Hnee in Nakorn Sri Tammarat.

His name is used as a word play for the name of the edition - 'nam choke (lead you to luck) nam sukh (lead you to happiness) nam jaroen (lead you to prosperity). Available in black or brown - made from Wan 108 Sacred Powder mixture. The black one has Din Kakyayaks earth in it as was used in the famous LP Tuad Tao Reed amulets by Ajarn Tim of Wat Chang Hai. This can be seen in the white marble like spots forming on the face of the amulet, which is a telltale sign of the presence of Din Kakyayaks earth.

The rear face of the amulet has an image of the Buddha in Marawichai posture (conquering mara) with various Buddha postures in tiny forms arund the rim of the amulet. The image of por tan nam has the letters 'na ma pa ta' in ancient Khom agkhara - to invoke the four elements to run through the amulet and protect from all dangers.

Wat Ta Yay Hnee (officially called 'wat majchimapoom'), recieved its name from the fact that an old couple ran away from home to go live on the riverside near where the temple was built. Ta and Yay in Thai means 'Grandfather and Grandmother'.

Por Tan Nam Wat Ta Yay Hnee Nakorn Sri Tammarat luck happiness and prosperity amulet
Por Tan Nam Wat Ta Yay Hnee - Nakorn Sri Tammarat

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