Luang Por Uttama Monk Coin

Rian Lp Uttama Wat Wang Wiwekaram, 2525 BE Nuea Rom Dam (black coated)
Rare and Sacred Monk Coin of the Great Master Monk of the Mon and Karen people of Kanjanaburi.

Luang Por Uttama (Pra Maha Uttama Rampo Bhikkhu) was one of the Mon hilltribe people's top Master Monks and is highly revered by both Mon, Burmese and Thai people on both sides of the Thai Burmese border. Wat Wangwiwekaram is popularly known by local people of the Kanjanaburi district as 'Wat Luang Por Uttama'.

The temple of Wat Wangwiwekaram was built by Luang Por Uttama himself in 2504, with the help of some devotees who were Gahriang (Karen), and Mon tribe people. The temple was completed in 6 months, and was at first only a 'samnak songk' (sangha office) because it was not yet officially recognized by the Buddhist Organism. Once it had been officially categorized by the Buddhist Organism as a 'Wat' (temple) in 2505 BE, Luang Por gave the name of the temple by using the name of the old municipality (wiwangka) calling the temple 'Wat Wangwiwekaram'.

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Honors Recieved by Luang Por Uttama
In 2513 BE, Luang Por began building the Uposadha (shrine room/chapel), baking and laying the bricks himself. After this, in 2518, he built a chedi that was a replica of the Bodhgaya stupa in India, wich he finished in 2519 BE.
In 2504 he began as the head abbot of Wat Wangwiwekaram
In 2505, he was also appointed Abbot of Wat Sri Suwannaram
in 2509 he was appointed the status of Pra Gamma Wajajarn (vice Upachaya)
in 2511 he was promoted to Upachaya status (only an Upachaya can ordain others as monks).
In 2512, he was given the name of 'Pra Kroo Udom Sit Ajarn - Jao Kana Tambon Chan To (vice head monk of the Municipality), by Royal Decree
In 2516, he was appointed 'Jao Kana Tambon Chan Eak' (Head monk of the Municipality), by Royal Decree
In 2524, he was appointed Pra Racha Kana by Royal Decree and recieved the honors from Pra Udom Sangworn Thaera (Pra Sangkharacha, the head monk of all Thailand and head monk of the Royal Palace).
In 2534 he was promoted to the even higher status of Pra Racha Udom Mongkol
Above pic; The replica of the Bodghaya Chedi Stupa made by LP Uttama at Wat Wangwiwekaram.

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