Pra Ratana Bucha statue

 Pra Ratana and Pra  Bua Khem amulets and Bucha statues available now on Thailand-Amulets.Net

Above - Pra Ratana - Antique Miniature Buddha statue, from the Ratanagosin Era
Rental Price - 114 US$
Pra Ratana statue (Ratanagosin Era - 200 years or more)

I have only one of these statues in stock, but can also find various similar ancient statues and statuettes of good repute, and check their authenticity for you for on request if you are seeking something in Special for your Bucha altar/table, or as a medium-large amulet to wear, then this is something that is guaranteed to satisfy both aesthetically as well as for its Sacredness and History. This one above is about 200+ years old and from the Ratanagosin Era of Thai Buddhist Art and Sculpture.

This statue is about 1 inch wide at base and 2 inches high. Cast iron with real gold leaf. 'Din Thai' (Thai Earth), is embedded in the base.

Its maker and origins are lost to the annals of History, but it is certainly confirmed by recognized experts as authentic, and without a doubt, has been blessed, as well as obviously recieved much Bucha offerings, which can easily be deduced from the amount of original gold leaf still remaining on the statue, which is the original leaf from 200 years ago, as it was first used. Precious not only for its Religious significance, but also for its Historical, Cultural and Artistic importance. An attractive acquisition for Practicing Buddhists, Antique Art collectors, and even other Amulet dealers.

To rent an amulet from me, you can use the safe payment methods included in the post, contact me using the contact Button provided, Or Phone 98323062 (Singapore) or +66886799251(Thailand).
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