Brahma-Jatukam amulet with tagrud for Bucha at home - Wat Prohmaloke 2547 BE

This Brahma-Jatukam amulet was made to celebrate the 222nd anniversary of Wat Prohmaloke in Nakorn Sri Tammarat - the funds from the amulets were to build the Uphosada (Shrine room/Chapel) at the temple
This edition was called Run Udom Prohmaloke. The amulet was blessed and released in 2547 BE. It has a Tagrud scroll in it with a magic spell in it. This amulet is suitable for Bucha in the home because it is not flat. It has a curved surface and is bent, so would only be able to be encased in plastic waterproof casing, but not a stainless case, if hung around the neck.

This amulet is very hard to find now. Only one in stock. Once sold, no more available. Funds from this amulet go to make merit at Wat Koh Lanta temple in Krabi province, which is developing to teach Dhamma practice to foreigners on the island of Koh Lanta in the Vipassana tradition.

Brahma Jatukam amulet Wat Prohmaloke Nakorn Sri Tammarat 2547 BE

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