Hanuman Maha Metta Riak Sap

Hanuman Maha Metta Riak Sap (4 arms)

Luck and wealth bringer and Metta magic by Luang Phu Nong Tamma Choto - Wat Wang Sri Tong, Sra Gaew
(small Statuettes are called "Loi Ongk" in Thai) .

Hanuman amulet
This Hanuman Loi Ongk is about 3.5 cm in height and made of lead, which is considered extremely powerful and receptive to magical charging.I find this particular representation extremely beautiful and fine handywork.
When i examine many different editions from different temples and masters, it is noticeable that some masters have found fine artists who do fine handwork on an extremely detailed level, whereas others have a more simple and cumbersome approach.
Rental Price; 100SG$  
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If an amulet is simple it should be the ancient method used in my opinion. But for stauettes i find such filigraine artwork as this preferable to the rough handywork seen in some cases. Amulets which are extremely ancient have a particular beauty due to their age, but modern made amulets that are deliberately made to look simple to give the "ancient look" do not convince me at all.
I am willing to rent this amulet in the pictures below
(only one in stock in the moment)

Front Side

Back side

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Price - $SG100
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