Maha Tep Normo

Maha Tep Normo - Pra Pikanes

Pra Maha Tep Normo

Pra Maha Tep Normo is made in the famous Wat Sala Fai temple, Nakorn Sri Tammarat (South Thailand). This temple is famous for it's strong magic and has enjoyed a massive interest for last year's line of statues and amulets with the deva "Tep Maha Normo".

Rental Price; SG$80 Now Reduced!SG$70

This example is Nuea Din Pao (baked cement mixed with sacred ingredients and mineral elements), with a tagrud inserted inside it, as well as powder from the Statues that were made as the mold was broken.The rear side of the amulet has the Elephant God Prapikanes (Ganesha) emblazoned on it.

This amulet is available in white or black
Rental Price; SG$80 Now Reduced! SG$70
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