Taw Wes Suwan Yant Cloth by LP Ka Long

Pha Yant (Yantra Cloth) Taw Wes Suwan by LP Ka Long

ผ้ายันต์ท้าวเวสสุวรรณ์ มหาเทพแห่งทรัพย์สมบัติ์ เจ้าแห่งภูติปิศาจ

This Yantra cloth is actually a lot deeper red in color, but was difficult to photograph. The lines of the design are also much blacker and visible than in this image. The cloth is of thick linen and has a very luxurious and durable feel to it. It is the size of an A3 paper so is quite large for a Pha Yant. The quality of the design is artistically very professionally drawn, as is the case with all amulets and magical items made from LP Ka Long. This cloth was made especially to celebrate the 92nd birthday of Luang Phu Ka Long Khiaw Kaew, of Wat Khao Laem, Sra Kaew. LP Ka Long's magic amulets are of the most sought after of all present day master monks, and this Yantra cloth is a woderful collectors item. Taw Wes Suwan is the Lord of all treasures, and also the Lord of all ghosts and demons, ruling over them. He will keep your home free from evil spirits and ghosts, as well as guard your fortunes and posessions from theives and robbers, as well as bringing you good fortune in the future if you rever him properly
The Yantra cloth portrays Lord Wes Suwan holding his "Grabong Petch" (diamond club), and is standing on the shoulders of Pra Rahu swallowing the moon. The whole cloth is coveres in sacred inscriptions of Yant and Na designs and sacred Khom Agkara lettering with ancient Kata embellishing them

When you pray you can chant the following as his Kata;
"Om Nidti Bataye We We Siyaama"
Close ups of the details within the design;
Below; Pra Rahu swallowing the Moon

Close up of the Sacred Yant and Na designs

SG$75 SOLD out!

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