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Pra Siwalee Pong Wan Fang Rian Kote Pong Pratat Siwalee - Sacred Buddhist amulet and Arahant image made by Luang Phu Ka Long Khiaw Kaew of Wat wang Tong in Sra Kaew , Thailand.

LP Ka Long
is considered to be the most popular and powerful amulet maker of present times.
Pra Siwalee (or Sivali) was one of the Buddha's two greates disciples and great Arahant saint. (the other was Mokkhalana). Pra Siwalee brings great fortune and happiness to he who revers him.
This amulet is made from Pong Wan (sacred herbal powder mixture), with a copper magical coin inserted (Rian Kote) which has been blessed separately before insertion into the amulet, which is then blessed again as one single amulet after the insertion of the rian kote. The front of the amulet is fine in detail and shows Pra Siwalee walking tudong in the forest with his bag and a walking staff with Naga serpent head. This is representative of the Ruesi sages, and in fact many of the sacred Kata mantra prayers inscribed all over the face are referriing to the power of the Ruesi.

The back of the amulet is covered with Sacred Yant (yantra) and ancient Khom lettering (Khom is an ancient from of Khmer Sanskrit used exclusively to write Buddhist prayers, spells and sutras). The back of the amulet has two balls of Pong Pratat Siwalee inserted (Pratat means Budhha, or Arahant relics, and pong means powder.. it is a mix of powder made with relics). This makes the amulet extremely sacred and have the power to make miracles if you rever it correctly, as is always the case with arahant relics.
In addition there is a silver tagrud scroll inserted with magic kata. This amulet is specifically aimed at increasing your fortune, as well as causing your understanding of the Dhamma to become easier.. this is one of the properties of the pong Siwalee - that the wearer will instantly unnderstand any Dhamma teachings immediately on hearing or reading them.
This is of course one of the highest blessings one could wish for. 
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