Pha Yant Hanuman - LP Ka Long Wat Khao Laem

Hanuman Yantra Cloth 
by Luang Phu Ka Long Khiaw Kaew

Edition Name; Hanuman Pleng Rit Haw Bpen Daw Bpen Duean
ผ้ายันต ้หนุมานแปลฤทธิ์หาวเป็นดาวเป็นเดือน

This Pha Yant is one of a series of Yantra Cloth editions by the famous Luang Phu Ka Long of Wat Khao Laem Thambon Wang Tong, Ampher Wang Somburn in Sra Kaew Province.

Left Pic; Official LP Ka Long stamp.
The Yantra Cloth bears the official stamp of the temple with LP Ka Long's image for authenticity. As usualwith LP Ka Loong Yantra Cloths, the cloth is covered with myriads of beautifully inscribed sacred yant designs and Sacred na designs,many of which are peculiar to LP Ka Long.
Rental Price; SG50$

The rest of the surface is crammed with sacred Khom (Khmer) Agkara lettering which contain magical Katas (mantras). These Yant cloth are running out of stock now in the temple.

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