Buddha and Brahma Faces Amulet - LP Phad

Brahma amulet - Pra prom Perd Loke (Brahma opening the world) made from Pong Samret powder cement mixture - Traimas edition 255 B.E.

พระพรหมเปิดโลก ผงสำเร็จไตรมาส หลวงปู่ผาด อภินันโท
Made by Luang Phu Pad Apinanto (Wat Rai temple in Ang Tong Province, Thailand)
The front has the Buddha sitting on Brahma faces with the rear side having a sacred Kata in circular form invoking Brahma and a lucky kata in the middle (Sabbhe Chanaa Pahoo Chanaa) for good fortuene, happiness and health. LP Pad is fast becoming one of the last decade's preferred master Monks and his amulets are becoming ever popular. He makes amulets more often lately but never makes them in large numbers.
Rental Price; SG$70

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