Hanuman and Supanna Majchaa statuette

Hanuman Statuette magical amulet made by master Monk Pra Atigarn Jai Tidhajaro of Wat Prayayat temple in samut Songkram, Thailand.
Made from ancient sacred lead this statuette portrays Hanuman and Nang Supannamajchaa mermaid in a scene from the Ramakian (Thai version of the Hindu Ramayana Epic Myth)
In the Ramakian story, in this episode, Hanuman caught the mermaid Supanna Majchaa who was trying to dupe the God Rama from continuing his search for Lady Sita.

Hanuman saw through the trick and ended up diving under the water and catching her. he then took her as his wife, and she gave birth to a son; half fish half monkey - his name was Majchaanu.
This amulet charm is good for many purposes - dexterity, skill, charming with the other sex, strength and protection. hanuman is a superhero like Deity and endows his devotees with his strength and agility (for this reason many Thai boxers wear Hanuman as amulet or as sak yant tattoo).

Hanuman is also however a charmer with the ladies and has many wives and mistresses, so the Hanuman amulet also posesses the power to charm the other sex.Apart from the magical properties of this amulet, it is also simply a most beautiful piece of Thai Buddhist art with so much detail for the size of the amulet pendant (about3.5 cm in height). the sacred ancient lead is charged with magic power - this amulet pendant was made in 4 different metals, copper, bronze, silver and ancient sacred lead (1000 year old lead) - this lead edition was the least amoount of statuettes made and the most expensive of the series.
 Rental price; $SG100 - Sold

The base of the statuette has two sacred tagrud scrolls inserted with the Hanuman mantras inscribed upon them, as well as sacred earth to rever Pra Mae Toranee (Dharani), which is also blessed.
released to the public in 2552.

This amulet is also available in Bronze for SG70$(see below)

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