Palad Khig Paya Ngiw Dam - Ajarn Khiaw Wat Huay Ngo

Ajarn Khiaw famous Magic Monk from Wat Huay Ngo in Pattani, South Thailand has made this Palad Khig from 'Mai Paya Ngiw Dam' a sacred tree with black wood which is believed to have a spirit entity within it. A ceremony is made to ask tyhe Deity to become a gift to the Dhamma and serve the Buddha Sasana by becoming amulets, or Buddha statues etc. Rhen when the Deity has agreed to make this merit, the wod is taken and made into amulets, such as this Palad Khig Mai Paya Ngiw Dam

Palad Mai Paya Ngiw Dam - Palad Khig amulet by Por Tan Khiaw

Kata For Palad Mai Paya Ngiw Dam

Om Pleung Gamlang Ja Hang Swaaha Ubpa Sambpa Su Na Mo Lo
โอมพลึงกำลัง จะหังสวาหะ อุปะสัมปะ สุนะโมโล
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