Meed Mor Akom Boroma Kroo - Magic Knife amulet - LP Say - Wat Don Gradtay Tong

Meed Akom (Mee Hmor) Run Sud Tay (last ever edition) - Hlek Rom Dam (Rom Dam black tinted metal). The ceremony was held and 'Chanuan Muan Sarn (sacred metals) were smelted and forged into knives on the 9th December 2551 BE, at the temple. The comitee of Wat Don Gradtay Tong comissioned the making of the magical knives.

7 Inches in length, the knife has sacred Khom Agkhara spells inscribed on the blade.

Meed Mor Akom Boroma Kroo - Magic Knife amulet - LP Say - Wat Don Gradtay Tong

This is the last ever edition of Meed Hmor made with Luang Phu Say performing the empowerment of the metal smelting and the forging of the knives. Amongst other metals smelted in the knives, is old metal from earlier editions of knives by Luang Por Say, metal Yant designs from various great Masters, Dtabpu Sangkhawanonrn, nails from the coffins of seven cemeteries.

The Maha Puttapisek empowerment ceremony was again made on 2nd january 2552 in the Uposadha shrine room of Wat Don Gradtay Tong, and had some other great masters of meditation and amulet empowerment present to 'Nang Bprok' (sit in the directions for the ceremony and perform various magical tasks in meditation, depending on their particular assignment, be it to invoke the four elements to run through the amulets, or to instill protective power);

Luang Phu Dee (Wat Taepagorn, Bangkok), Pra Atigarn Jai (Wat Prayayat, Samutr Songkram), and Pra Ajarn Somchai (Wat Hnong Noi, Chainat) joined in the Puttapisek empowerment ceremony to bless the amulets with Luang Phu Say.

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