Luang Phu Hongs Monk Locket amulet - 2547 BE Run Choke Dee Mee Sukh

Luang Phu Hongs Locket 2547 BE special edition three Takrud (Sam Gasat), with Civara robe and semi precious stones inserted.

Luang Phu Hongs Locket - 2547 BE Run Choke Dee Mee Sukh

The Locket is perhaps the amulet which those Looksit of a particular Ajarn will treasure when they beleieve in the purity and magical powers of protection of that Ajarn. They will keep the locket close to them always, to be under the shade of the protective influence of their Luang Por. This edition is called 'Choke Dee Mee Sukh' meaning ' Good Luck and Happiness'

Luang Phu Hongs needs little to be said about him, for his Fame and the reputation of his amulets precedes him even reaching to far shores. This Locket is in Unused condition and can be considered a definite collectors piece for the LP Hongs Devotee, and a source of wellbeing and good luck. LP Hongs is very popular with Gamblers for some reason. His amulets having been worn or carried by some people who had very large success in Gambling.

Three tagruds in copper silver and gold are inserted in the rear face which is made from sacred powder. Magic spells are inserted into the Tagrud scrolls.

This amulet comes without amulet case, but with the original box from the temple.
This amulet is a medium size and is apt for both Men and Women, as well as children.

Luang Phu Hongs Locket - 2547 BE Run Choke Dee Mee Sukh

Serm Duang, Choke Lap, Metta Mahaniyom, - Improve Luck and Horoscope and increase wealth.
Also protection from danger (Klaew Klaad), which is the commonly known quality of Luang Phu Hongs miracle, since he prevented bombs from exploding after falling on a village in Cambodia

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