Pra Bucha Wat Boworniwes 2508 BE 16 Inches high Buddha statue

Pra Bucha Wat Boworniwes 2508 BE
This Buddha Statue for Bucha Altars is about 13 inches wide at the base, 9 inches from knee to knee, and 16 Inches high. This Buddha statue has been made at the Royal temple of Wat Boworniwes Wora Wiharn in Bangkok.

Thai Buddha statue for Bucha Purposes authentic 2508 BE Bhuddhabhiseka blessing

It was comissioned from the Sangkharacha (Head Monk of the Royal palace, and indeed the whole Sangha in Thailand). The Puttapisek ceremony was made with a number of the Great Gaeji Ajarn monks of that Era.

Buddha Statue from 2508 BE Wat Bovornives Voraviharn

This is a rather large Bucha statue, and is suitable for large altars in larger homes, or even for real temples, Ruesi Ashrams and Samnak Sak Yant. This is a genuinely blessed Bucha statue from an auspicious year, which is in addition comissioned by the head of the Buddhist Sangha in Thailand, and made and blessed at the same temple where his Majesty King Bhumipol Adulyadej was ordained as a Bhikkhu. You can't get more authentic than statues made and blessed by Royal Temples such as Wat Boworn. This statue is of both Religious and Historical value. This statue was unfortunately falsely priced before and has now been rectified. I apologize for the confusion caused if any.

Please take into consideration that this statue is rather large and heavy. Price includes International airmail delivery per ems.

Pra Bucha Wat Boworn 2508 BE - antique Buddha Statue

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