Pra Pid Ta Bai Po Maha Lap Luang Phu Luang Gatabanyo Wat Subanpot

 Rare and attractive ancient Pid Ta amulet in 'Bai Po' shape (Bodhi Leaf), from Luang Phu Luang. Issued at Wat Sri Subanpot, Lampang. The rear face of the amulet is embellished with Sacred Lanna Agkhara magical inscriptions. Pong Gesorn and Pong Puttakun.

A most attractive amulet indeed. The rear face has coede markings (the number 11, an l in Thai and a G in Khmer and sacred Lanna Agkhara nagic spell

Luang Phus Mastery goes undoubted by those who know him. he was famous for his Tudong travelling, which led him to wander around the whole country during many years, following his practice in the footsteps of the Buddha.

comes with case and registered airmal postage included
Pra Pid Ta Bai Po Maha Lap Luang Phu Luang Gatabanyo Wat Sri Subanpot

Luang Phu Luang was born into a farming family of a tribal minority of the Vientiane area of Laos. He later moved to the Thai side of the border. Luang Phu Luang was born in 2464 BE. He was ordained as a Monk in 2485 BE. He is related to Luang Phu Waen and Luang Phu Sim. He was a Looksit of Ajarn Mun Puratto, Luang Phu Tet and Ajarn Fan (!!!).
I think this Pid Ta was made in 2542 BE. It has beautiful Lanna Agkhara lettering inscriptions on it, and a Muan Sarn (sacred powder) mixture which is second to none. Rare and sacred indeed, and a fine piece of 'Puttasin' (Buddhist Fine Art). Luang Phu Luangs amulets are rather rare. 1299 of these were made, which wasn't even enough to go around between the local Looksit, never mind around the world.

Luang Phus Mortal remains have mutated into 'Prataat' (Buddha Relics)

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