Pra Pid Ta Maha Sanaeh Gamagarn extra Prai powder precious stone insert - Ajarn Somrach

Pra Pid Ta Nuea Luan Pong Prai (pure Prai Powder) Maha Sanaeh amulet by Ajarn Somrach. gamagarn edition, with precious stone insert, and extra large ratio of Pong Prai powder mixed in for extra strong attrachtion and charm.
Gamagarn Edition with precious stone insert

protection and lucky riches amulet Pra Pid Ta

Phra Pitta

Thailand amulets Pra Pid Ta

pidta Thai amulet

Pra Pid Ta amulet

Price; 98$U.S. Reduction special price!! Now 85$!! offer ends end of February!
(I have received a special offer for these amulets and have been able to reduce the price a little to 13 dollars less until end of February! - this particular example is sold now, more pics of the remaining amulets to be uploaded in the next few days)

And here they are! Two more in stock for the moment.

Ongk Tee 1 (above)
Ongk Tee 2 (above)
Ongk Tee 2 (above)
Ongk Tee 1 (above)

The Gamagarn edition has a special extra amount of Pong Prai powder - the massive ratio of magical Prai powder in the mixture used for the Gamagarn edition makes the price of this small amulet, that is however extremely rich in magical elements seem perhaps a little expensive. This is of course arguable if you examine the richness of ingredients, quality if craftsmanship and design, and sacredness of the blessing and empowerment ceremony involved with the creation of this amulet. Despite the slightly elevated price (for new amulets), i wish to recommend and promote Ajarn Somrachs amulets, for their sheer beauty and sacredness makes them worthy of the passion they instill in me when i look at them.

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'Muan Sarn' - Sacred  Powder Mixture

Earth from 7 cemeteries, 7 ports, 7 salt licks, 7 farm fields, the peaks of termite mounds, 7 termite mounds, earth from the middle of 7 markets, earth from the mouth of a well that has been sealed.
Earth from the peak of the sacred mountain of Doi Prataat Nok Yoong Tong in Chiang Mai, earth from the reloc at Mon Bia in Sameng, Chiang Mai.
Earth from the hearts of 7 cities (earth of the Hlak Mueang pillar in the center of Chiang Rai, the Hlak Mueang pillar in Payao, the Hlak Mueang pillar in  Chiang Mai, the Hlak Mueang pillar in Lampun, the Hlak Mueang pillar in Tak, the Hlak Mueang pillar in Gampaengpaetch,and from the Hlak Mueang pillar in Bangkok.

'Klai Semaa' (temple wall fragments of brick and mortar, cement etc) from seven temples and seven shrine rooms, pollen and dried flowers that were used to pray to the Buddha with, incense ashes from praying to the Buddha, incense powder that has been empowered and blessed by great magicians, 'Pong Wan Sanaeh 108' (108 types of magical attraction herbs), sacred powders for luck and wealth, and pollen from twelve kinds of Dork Tong flower (male and female)- this powder is extremely effective for attracting the other sex.Pong Khamin Sanaeh (charm cumin).

Pong Mai Dtakian Aathan (Magical Dtakian tree powder), Pong Mai Gai Gug (Gai Gug tree powder)Pong Mai Rak Sorn (Rak Sorn flower powder).

Pong Mai Jinda Manee (extremely rare substance which comes from a flower/tree that is Royal property and can only be obtained through official channels, or good contacts). Pong Itije, Pong Taat See (4 elements powder)Pong Awn Jai Rak (love charm powder, also known as 'Itije faed'), King Magician Powder (Pong Aathan Racha), Ruler powder (Pong Prajao Paen Din), Pong Sam Saw King Bor Diawgan (three ladies drinking from the same well powder - magic for having many lovers), Dancing Deva powder (Pong Taep Ramjuan), Pong Metta, Pong Sanaeh, Pong Dtam Prartana (get your wishes come true powder), pong kum krong (control or rule other people powder),pong sariga (sariga bird charm powder).

Pong Nok Garawek (paradise Bodhisattva bird powder) pong nang hmao, pong maha lam off, pong chang pasom khlong,pong wisaa sae, pong nang panturadt riak nuea, pong wua pan hlak, pong wua lerm dork, pong na sanaeh chang, pong khun phaen, pong rachawong woraman sanpasit,pong nang paya dtaanii,pong paya ngern, pong hiranyarach, pong tong fa, pong nong nam, pong tong din, pong maha praab, pong maha gambang, pong pya montr, pong bpaeng saeg, and pong Puttakun from Luang Phu Chern (Wat Dta Ee) and other substances which a Looksit (Mr. Surayut) had been given by LP Chern, and donated to Ajarn Somrach to add to these amulets.

Pong Khun Phaen Marummatum,Pong Khun Phaenb Nam Pherng, POng Dugadtaa Maha Sanaeh,broken pieces of Khun Phaen amulets from Luang Phu Chern of Wat Dta Ee.

Pong Itije and Pong Maha Sanaeh from Kroo Ba Gaew, which Kroo Ba Gaew was generous to donate. He made the powder with his own hand as he was traveing on Tudong. He also gave various other sacred powders made from the inscription of sacred Yant using sacred chalk;

Pong Pya In Gaew (In Koo - human pair), Pong Yant Ma Saep Nang (In Koo with horse and human), Pong Yant Chang Pasom Khlong (In Koo with elephant and human), Pong Yant Jet Saw Noi (powder of seven young beauties - used to be lucky in love all seven days of the week, which was a very famous Wicha of Kroo Ba Gaew), Pong Nang Hliaw (woman turning her head powder), and some powders which were used to make Kroo Ba Gaews first edition of amulets.

108 types of Muan Sarn Aathan Boroma Kroo Ruesi powders from Luang Phu Sawad Sirimangkalo (Wat Kaset Sukh, Payao), which Luang Phu Sawad had collected over years around Thailand as he was still practicing as a Ruesi hermit sage.

Pong Bpaeng Saeg Maha Jindamanee which had been used for the making of Khun Phaen Jinda Manee amulets which has been blessed bay various Great Master monks, Pong Athithaan Baramee from Luang Por Poon (Wat Pai Lom, Nakorn Pathom), and the famous 'Pong Maha Puudt Prai' Tong Kam from LP Chern.

Ajarn Somrach also made some Khun Phaen amulets in this particular edition, which are so beautifully made that they can be considered works of fine art.

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Pra Khun Phaen Sum Ruean Gaew Maha Phuut Nuea Tep Nang Jantr >>>

Pra Khunphaen Ajarn Somrach Chiang Mai

 Available soon Price; 65$U.S.

  Available Soon. (special limited edition, with mega amounts of Pong Prai, and precious stone insert, three tagrud and )

Pra Khun Phaen Ruean Gaew is made from a rich mixture of magical attraction ingredients, and is honed in the shape of Khun Phaen in a crystal arch. The surface is spinkled with gold, and has semi precius stones embedded.The rear face is embossed with 'Yant Maha Laluay', and the Heart Mantra of Khun Phaen.

All amulets from Ajarn Somrach are  designed by top Artists from the University of Buddhist Arts, and are known for their extreme beauty and high quality of craftsmanship. Ajarn Somrach is often invited by Ordained members of the Buddhist Sangha to join in in Blessing Ceremonies for amulets. He is one of Thailands mosr respected Lay Masters and amulet makers, but does not tend to appear in the public eye too much, for he does not wish fame to interfere with his practice.

Puttapisek Blessing (first time)
The 'Run Maha Baramee Prataat Chedi 2553 edition of amulets by Ajarn Somrach (Chiang Mai), had its Puttapisek empowerment and blessing Ceremony on Monday 26 March, which is the Thai Chinese 'Trus Jin' festival (Chinese festival). It was also the occasion of a Solar Eclipse, which is seen as perhaps the most powerful time for an empowerment ceremony.

Ajarn Somrach was the Master of Ceremonies. When the astrological alignments were in place (at 15:39 in the afternoon), and the Solar Eclipse came into its cusp, Ajarn Somrach began to recite the 'Chumnum Taewada' (invitiation to the Deities to come and be present to listen to the Dhamma), and invited the Devas, Devata and Brahmas in the Heavenly Realms to come down and be witnesses, and to help in the empowerment ceremony of the amulets.

Then he invoked the Baramee and power of the various Kroo Ba Ajarn. Luang Phu Chern (Wat Ta Ee, Buriram) was present to preside over the Chanting as head of ceremonies for the Sangha. Many other great Master Monks came to join in the empowerment ceremony, such as Luang Phu Som, and a host of Ajarn who ware famous for their Maha sanaeh magic power.

They chanted to invite and ask the Baramee of Pra Khun Phaen to come and reside within the amulets, and give its blessing. The empowerment ceremony continued for over 2 hours, after which, the amulets were taken and kept in the hom of the sponsor who financed the amulets. In the middle of the night, , something strange happened; The whole house,roof, windows and furniture began to shake as if there was an earthquake! (no earthquakes officially reported that evening).

Once the empowerment was complete, Ajarn Somrach took them and contined to empower them and impress Jhanic power into them for one 'Traimas' (three months), to make the amulets extremely powerful.

Piti Chalong Sompote - 2nd Puttapisek ceremony
After the first empowerment and Ajarn Somrachs consequent Trisemestral personal Jhanic empowerment of the amulets, a second ceremony was arranged  to re-empower them with even more magic. The ceremony was held at the main Shrine room of Wat Mae Sab Nuea in Sameng, Chiang Mai. The ceremony was held on the 6th July 2552, which is the day when Thai Budsdhists of the Lanna tradition celebrate the cleaning and tracing of Astrological influences/Fate. 11 Monks were present to Chant Kata and Puttamontr (Buddhist prayers), as well as to chant the Buddhacayamangkalakata (Kata of the victories of Buddha), to give auspicious blessings to the amulets.

Other Amulets by Ajarn Somrach

Duang Jai Rak Maha Sanaeh - Ajarn Somrach- Chiang Mai >>>>

Magic Love charm for Ladies by Lanna Lay Master, Ajarn Somrat, Chiang Mai . This amulet is fashioned for Ladies to wear. The idea is to have something that is aesthetically attractive visually, but that has magical qualities of attraction and charm. Good for attracting a Lover, or for luck in Business and Promotion in your Profession.
The amulet can be worn as a Pendant or as a key chain or mobile phone adornment, or even on your wallet, or inside a pocket.
Duang Jai Rak - Heart shaped wish fulfilling amulet

Mayurap Sagod Tap - Hanuman Om Mueang - Ajarn Somrach

Mayurap Sagod Tap Nuea Pong Wan Boroma Kroo 
(Sacred Master Guru Ruesi powder) - by Ajarn Somrach (Chiang Mai)

This collection of Ramakian Deity amulets for Wealth and extreme protection, from Ajarn Somrach of Chiang Mai, has been made in four different colors and sacred powder mixtures. The Crowning Glory of the set is the brown colored 'Nuea Pong Aaathan Gao - Chud Gamagarn' edition, which is a limited presponsor edition with gold tagrud inserts in the rear face and extra special magical ingredients in the sacred powder.

Mayurap Sagod Tap - Ajarn Somrach (Chiang Mai)


As far as i am concerned though, if we want to merely talk about aesthetic beauty, i find the purple and green editions extremely attractive, especially the purple one in my opinion.

All Mayurap amulets by Ajarn Somrach, come with free stainless steel case and International registered airmail shipping included in the price.

This  color is also available with five tagrud inserts in the back

Five Tagrud edition is 85$

Mayurap Sagod Tap Nuea Pong Wan Khiaw 
(Green Sacred Powder) - Ajarn Somrach (Chiang Mai)


Mayurach Sagod Tap, and Hanuman Om Mueang - Ajarn Somrach (Chiang Mai)
Ramakian Orientated magical amulet for power, wealth, protection and successful endeavors. The Great amulet master creator Ajarn Somrach has released a series of amazingly detailed amulets which are both magically and artistically outstanding. These rather large amulets are available in three different colors, made from different kinds of Wan Sacred herbs and pollens, powders.
Available with five Tagruds too

Five Tagrud edition is 85$

Mayurap Sagod Tap Ongk Gamagarn Nuea Muan Sarn Aaathan
(Magical spellbreaking powder) - Ajarn Somrach (Chiang Mai)


The brown one is the 'Ongk Gamagarn' - which is limited edition and is normally only available to the pre-issue sponsors. I have managed to have some reserved. It has 5 Tagrud scrolls in the back face (price on this amulet has been rectified as it was false before)

Rental Price for this 'Ongk Gamagarn' Special edition; 120$US

Ongk Gamagarn is doubly expensive due to the five gold tagruds inserted and the first block pressing being made with hits edition, as well as having more special sacred ingredients, and less of them made.

All colors are available in five tagrud on the rear face, but only the brown one is of the 'Gamargarn' set.
Mayurap Sagod Tap (White Sacred Powder) - Ajarn Somrach (Chiang Mai)

Payment options coming soon - use contact button at bottom of post if you need to obtain this amulet sooner

Or also available with 5 Tagruds

 Five Tagrud edition is 85$

Kata Bucha Pra Pong Mayarap Sagod Tap

Ma A U Maedtaa Ja Mahaa Raachaa Sappa Sinaehaa Bpudt-dtaa Bpudt-Dtii Sappa

Gotaa Winaassandti - Na Rangap Glab Jidt Mo Bpid Jai Mi Hai Waa Taa Put

Laluay Ta Rangap Glab Klaay Jidt Ya Rangap Glab Dtid Jai Nai Rak

Special Kata for protection
This Kata must be used when you come face to face with your enemies or danger of being attacked, and such matters of self defence;

Na Ma Pa Ta Sotaaya Anta Gaaro Na Mo Nantaa Na Bang Mo Mi Hen Put Sonwai Taa

Lap Yuu Ya Haay Bpai Na Rangap Glab Jidt Mo Bpid Jai Mi Put Mi Hai Waa Taa

Laluay Ya Rangap Glab Klaay Jidt - Na Laluay Mo Laluay Put Bpid Dtaa Taa Bpid

Huu Ya Ning Yuu na Jang Ngang Mo Jang Ngang Suunyagaaro Hodti Sampawo

Pha Yant Maa Sep Nang
Metta, Good Sales and Love Charm all in One.

Pha Yant Ma Sep Nang - Ajarn Somrach (Korawas) Chiang Mai

Authentic Thai Amulet  Authentic Thai Amulet-Piytha Thai Emerald Buddha & Mala Necklace Naga Land Tibet Sacred Stones Amulet

In Koo Maha Sanaeh

In Koo will be added to our stock list soon, after hearing various reports of immense success with this amulet. Keep checking back to see updates on this amulet, which is turning out to be currently Ajarn Somrachs most popular amulet. Use the Kontactr button to contact me if you wish to pre order any of these amulets - limited stock will be available.

To rent an amulet from me, you can use the safe payment methods included in the post, contact me using the contact Button provided, Or Phone +66886799251(Thailand).
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