Wua Tanu Sayop Aathan (Gamagarn edition) - Ajarn Somrach (Chiang Mai)

Wua Tanu (Arrow Bull) by Ajarn Somrach - this one with gold coating is the Gamagarn top range edition. Ajarn Somrach made this traditional ancient protection amulet for his Looksit to be safe from black magic and the power of magic spells from other Masters.

 The rear side has a Tagrud inserted and sacred Khom Agkhara, which form the Lanna Yant Taat see (four Elements Yantra). The Kata is begun by invoking the Fire element first and aroused (Hnun) using the Goranii Taat formula. The kata Pra Radtanadtrai (Kata of the triple Gem to remove all dangers) "Na Ma A U" .
Price $65.50 U.S. Dollars
This is the Gamagarn edition - gold coating on the Wua Tanu image, and a tagrud 3.5 x 2.4 centimeters. Only 200 of these amulets were made! comes with Case included in price
Wua Tanu Sayop Aathan ( Sacred Bull to protect against Black Magic spells) - Ajarn Somrach Chiang Mai

The amulet is also available as normal edition without gold coating, and tagrud, 2999 of them made.

Price $48 U.S. Dollars
Muan Sarn (sacred powder ingredients);
Pong Wua Thanu Tong, earth from 7 cemeteries, powder from the top of a termite mound, Din Khui Bpu (the little balls of earth made by crabs in the night), earth from 7 salt licks, Putsa Dtaay Prai plant (used in Gumarn Tong and other attraction charms), shards of temple walls from 7 temples, various Wan (sacred herbs), which are endowed with the power to remove Magic spells and prevent black magic from piercing your aura. These powders were mixed together and molded into the form of Wua Tanu. The empowerment ceremony invokes the Wua Tanu Fai ('Fai' means Fire - so, 'Fire Arrow Bull'). Piti Blug Saeg (empowerment ceremony/Puttapisek) was made on Tuesday the 3rd day of the 3rd Month, which is an extremely auspicious date. Ajarn Somrach invited the Deities and the Angelic beings and Kroo to come and be present. Then he  invoked the mind of the Wua Tanu to come and inhabit each of the amulets. After this had been acheived, Ajarn Somrach performed 'Hnun Taat Fai' (triggering and turning the flow of the fire Element). Fire has the function of cleansing and also of banishing evil beings and energies.

Ajarn Somrach remained focused on the amulets until the images of Wua Tanu became Nimittas of prancing Bulls moving around the surface of the amulets. He then stilled them again, and closed the empowerment ceremony. The Wua Tanu amulet will serve not only to protect from demons and black magic, but can also remove the effects of a spell that has already been cast, and the power of Grand Master spells such as having been smeared with Nam Man Prai charm oil. It protects from all forms of harmful or controlling magic be it from Deities, Demons, or Persons. Those born in the year of this animal will have the additional magic of Serm Duang (improved Fate) added if they make Bucha to this amulet and wear it.

How to use Wua Tanu 
You can use Wua Tanu to watch over your house,or mark a safe area around the house, or any place where there is strong Magic. To do this, you need four Wua Tanu, and a bowl of pure water in a Khan Nam Montr vessel. Then take the Wua Tanu and place them in the Khan Nam Montr (prayer water bowl). Then focus your mind into meditation, and think of the Buddha Dhamma and Sangha, the Deities and Kroo Ba Ajarn, and Ajarn Somrach, and empower the prayer water by chanting the Kata into it and projecting your thoughts into the water as you blow three times into the bowl. Then you take the four Wua Tanu, and bury them in the Earth in the four Cardinal directions. If it is a house, that has no earth to be able to dig, then the Wua Tanu should be placed in the four outer corners of the house,and the prayer water should be sprinkled around the area to be protected.

If you have a Gumarn Tong or other forms of Phuudt or Prai which you make Bucha offerings to in the house, then you must tell the Wua Tanu by stating who is allowed to enter and leave the protected area and who not. It is a good idea to also state that any ghosts or beings that are benevolent and will bring help or auspicious blessings should be allowed to enter.

Using to make Holy Water
If you want to make Nam Montr to remove the power of magic from a person place or object, or to banish demons and spirits, or exorcise a person who is possessed, then you must make the Nam Montr in the same way as previously explained. But this time you need to use only one Wua Tanu. Then hold the Wua Tanu in your hands and enter Samadhi meditation, focusing as strongly as possible on the Merits of the Buddha. Chant Na Mo Dtassa Pakawadto Arahadto Sammaa Samputtassa 3 times, and ask for the Power and grace of the Triple Gem the Angels and Deities and Brahmas, Kroo Ba Ajarn and the Baramee of Ajarn Somrach, and the power of the Mythic Wua Tanu to make the prayer water powerful and endowed with the ability to remove all forms of black magic and evil influence (you can specify particular purposes if you wish to be more detailed in the function of the Nam Montr). Once you have chanted the Kata of empowerment, you should breathe deeply inwards and blow three times on the Wua Tanu, and lower it into the Khan Nam Montr until it is submerged under the surface of the prayer water. Then you can use the water for drinking, cleaning yourself and the like to remove any magic spells or unlucky influences. You can wear or carry the Wua Tanu with you, or put it in your vehicle as a protection from accidents of all kinds. If there are ever any visitations or experiences with contacting dark entities, all you need to do is dedicate some of the fruits of your merits to them, and think of Wua Tanu, and they will disappear.

Kata Wua Tanu (always chant 'Namo Dtassa pakawadto Arahadto Samputtassa 3 times before any other Kata)
Na Ma Na A Nor Gor Na A Gor Or Nor A Na A Ga Ang (3 times)
Om Kono Kono Wua Tanu Gao Panwaa Saay Dtaa Gao Pan Muay
Tiaw Plaay Duay Tuk Kam Chao Bpen Jao Gae Fhoong Phii Tang Hlaay Puudt Phii lae Phii Prai Chin Hai Dtaay Ya Hai La Thoi Ju Lai Ju Sitti Puttang Sitti Tammang Sitti Sangkang Sitti Swaaha Pa Ta Na Ma

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