Arahant Prab Marn - Hand with Pra Urai subduing Evil

Hand of an Arahant Pra Yulai in the palm subduing the Mara demon, from Luang Por Bpun Tammabalo of Wat Pah Tammayut (Wat Pah Ban Songk), in Roi Et.
i love this amulet because of its purely Buddhist influence and potent strength to keep away all abamongkol and amanut (inauspicious events and monstrous beings)
999 of these were made in the 'Dtraimas 53' edition.

The amulet was made in various metals depending on 'Run' (edition). Nuea Tong Fa Bat (almsbowl lid), and Nava Gae Ngern (Nava Loha with extra quantity of pure silver smelted into it). This version is in Neua Tong Fa Batr . Sacred relics and powders are inserted into the base of the statuette.
Arahant Prap Marn Nuea Tong Fa Batr - Arahant Hand holding Pra Urai subduing the Mara demons - LP Bpun Tammabalo

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