Taep Sariga Sitti Choke - Sariga Birds for love and Metta - Por Tan Nuan

Por Tan Nuan is a Master Gaeji Guru Monk from Nakorn Sri Tammarat. The front face features a pair of Sariga birds (Sariga Koo), with sacred Khom Agkhara lettering around it casting spells of love and attraction. Na Metta and other sacred charms are inscribed into the back face as sacred Na and Yantra.
This amulet has three main qualities,

1. Sittigaariya - brings charm and preferential treatment (Metta) to any man who makes Bucha and wears the amulet.
2. Serm Choke Lap - increase luck and Fortunes, sales and business will increase and promotions will occur.
3. Mai Od Mai Yak - You will never be poor or without food and lodging.

Above; Por Tan Nuan Bparisuto - Guru Monk of Nakron Sri Tammarat

Kata Taep Sariga Sitti Choke
Saarigaarisa Sagaranang Dtaawang Kaawaaraehi Ma Ma
Suwabodtago Ayang Raachaa Suwanna Wannaa
Saarigaa Janang Ma Hosigo Bpiyang Ma Ma
Ma Maedtaa A Garunaa U Sanaehaa Raacha Samana Idthee Bpurisa Gumaaro Gumareewaa
Nam Paa Siri Pokaa Namaa Sayo

Comes without case in original sachet with card from the temple.
Free presents in the form of Pha Yant, amulets or the like are included with this amulet. Presents may change each time to avoid repetition.