Pra Pid Ta Pang Pagan with Hanuman special edition Thai amulet

Limited special edition Pang Pagan Pid Ta medallion coin empowered in the San Hlak Mueang (central pillar of Nakorn Sri Tanmnmarat inhabited by the Magical Deity Jatukam Ramathep) building. Thai Magical tradition in ancient times to the present day always uses the central pillar invoked with a resident Deity to protect and bring prosperity to each City.

Jatukam Ramathep Pid Ta Pang Pagan Thai amulet

This coin has Hanuman subduing all evil and demons on the rear face, and the famous Pra Pid Ta Pang Pagan Deity on the front face.

Made in Nava Loha nine sacred metal mixture, this amulet is principally Klaew Klaad (evasionb of dangers) and Kong Grapan (invincibility) as well as lucky fortune bringer (Maha Lap)

This amulet is an authentic Jatukam tradition production with the correct sacred Ceremonial empowerment, and was one of the last series of Jatukam type amulets made before the tradition was terribly commercialized and many replicas and incompletely or incorrectly empowered amulets began to flood the market after many famous cases of great fortune and life saving miracles caused the amulet to be abused by marketeers and greedy ill wishers.
Rian Stamp Pid Ta Pang Pagan (Hlang Hanuman Braap Pairee) San Hlak Mueang Nakorn Sri Tammarat 2549 BE limited numbered edition amulet
This Pid Ta is authentically empowered and universally recogniuzed in professionbal amulet collector circles, and is considered a true collectors item and extremely revered by those who believe in the power of Jatukam Ramathep.

One of the few Jatukam amulets which we at Thailand Amulets like to promote and stock in our store. Honesty is our principle, forn which reason we do not stick any and every type of Jatukam amulet, and only offere those ones which are high quality and were made using the true sacred empowerment methods.

Kata Bucha Jatukam Ramatep
Jadtukam Ramatewaanang Potisadt-dtang Mahaa Kunang Mahittigang Boochemi Sittilaapo Nirandtarang Pakawaa Arahang Pra Potisadt-dtaanang Nawa Adtsa Jadtukaam Raamatep Namo Puttaaya"

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