Rian Pra Nakprok Hlang Yant - 'Run Dtraimas 53' - Luang Por Somkid

Rian Pra Nakprok Hlang Yant 'Run Dtraimas 53'  enamelled coin collectors edition coin, made by Luang Por Somkid (Pra Kroo Nantajariyaporn), of Wat Beung Dta Dtaa temple in Rayong.

The coin features Pra Nakprok Buddha with seven headed Naga as a canopy protecting Lord Buddha from the Rain Storm. The rear face has Yant Nam Dtao (Gourd Yantra) on the back with the Kata Pra Putta Jao Ha Pra Ongk (Five Buddhas Yantra) for all auspicious blessings and protections.

Luang Por Somkid learned his Wicha from the elusive Luang Por Chuea of Wat Koke Khee Hnorn.

Size; 2.9 cm wide 4.0 cm high.

Only 500 coins made in this edition. Each coin has its own coded limited edition number - this particular example bears the number 190
Rian Pra Nakprok Hlang Yant - 'Run Dtraimas 53' - Pra Kroo Nantajariyaporn (Luang Por Somkid) - Wat Beung Dta Dtaa (Rayong)

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