Boroma Kroo Phu Ruesi Narot statuette Luang Pu Nong Tammachodto

Boroma Kroo Phu Ruesi by Luang Phu Nong Tammachodto of Wat Wang Sri Tong, Sra Kaew. Run Dtraimas 2553 edition. 499 made of this limited edition. 3.6 centimeters wide and 5.6 centimeters high.

Kata Bucha Boroma Kroo;
Namassaditsadtawa Iseesittilokanaatang Anudtarang Isee ja Pantanang Saadtraa ahang wantaami dtang isissittiwessa

Which offerings to give;

Banana, fruits (oranges and jackfruit or coconut of the nam horm variety), sweet potatoe, betel and areca, ya sen tobacco, water.

When to Bucha;
Thursdays is the day to pray to Ruesi Kroo deity. If not possible you can do it on any other day too and just be true of heart when praying and making offerings.

This edition is the top of the range with pha yant, sacred powders, semi precious stones and magical crystals and five silver tagrud dtreung dtrai pap spells inserted. Nuea Radtana Loha metal (seven sacred metals).
Boroma Kroo Phu Ruesi Narot by Luang Phu Nong Tammachodto of Wat Wang Sri Tong, Sra Kaew. Run Dtraimas 2553 edition

Luang Phu Nong made an extremely big ritual before he made these amulets to call the Deities, and then cast the spell with their assistance. Luang Phu Nong is a direct nephew and looksit of famous Master Luang Por Derm (Wat Nong Po) and learned the wicha of making Ruesi statues and amulets from his uncle LP Derm. He learned that he who wishes to master this wicha, must respect and Bucha the three most important and powerful Ruesi deities who have the most Metta and Power; Ruesi narot, Ruesi Narai and Ruesi Dta Fai.

When calling for the most powerful effects, you should Bucha the most powerful and highest of all Ruesi; Por Phu Narot. If praying for special extra powerful effects then you must light 36 incense sticks. If normal Bucha then use either 9 or 16 sticks.

This amulet comes without case. This amulet comes with three free gifts of 2 Pha Yant (Yant Nok Kum and Yant Choo Chok) for attracting riches and metta, and a small triple tagrud in sam gasat (bronze silver and gold scrolls) for Puttakun.

Thailand Amulets always gives free amulets when we send you your order, and in many cases also provide cases for many amulets too included in the price.
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