Pra Luang Por Ngern Pim Bao Tup (Gammagarn) - Gong Tun 53 edition - Luang Por Key Gittiyano

Pra Luang Por Ngern Pim Bao Tup (Gammagarn) Loi Ongk amulet. "Run Gong Tun 53" edition. By Luang Por Key Gittiyano - Wat Sri Lamyong (Surin).

The Gong Tun 53 edition of LP Ngern received massive interest and has become an all time classic in the single year since the issue of this edition and line of amulets. One reason being that despite the immense success that all editions of LP Ngern Loi Ongk statuettes, this particular edition is the first ever that performed the 'Piti Te Tong' (sacred casting ceremony of pouring the molten gold) at Wat Bang Klan temple.

All Other editions were always cast at other temples, which did not affect the popularity of the amulets at all, and many different editions have been covered in news stories of luck, life saving miracles and the like. Thai people's belief is that this image is so sacred as to have Miracle Power. It is a classic Pim Niyom favorite amulet for both Devotees and Collectors.

A Worthy inheritance for Future Generations of your Family to enjoy its blessings and wonder at its sacredness and beauty as a Classic example of a Masterpiece Amulet of the Modern Era

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