Pra Luang Por Pra Sai - Run 'Baramee Por' - Wat Po Chai

Pra Luang Por Pra Sai - Run 'Baramee Por' - Sacred Buddha image of Wat Po Chai (Nong Khai)

This Buddha Image was picked up at Wat Po Chai in Nong Kai during the Songkran Ceremony to bathe the sacred Buddha Image of Luang Por Pra Sai, at Wat Po Chai in Nong Kai, Isan, North East Thailand. Although the amulet recieved further blessings, it was actually made the year before in the 'Baramee Por' edition Puttapisek Empowerment Ceremony. This amulet is Pim Kanaen (small size) and perfect for a Lady or Child. A man can also wear it as a lateral amulet on a multi amulet neck chain, where the central amulet is larger than the outer ones, which should decrease in size and weight as they get higher up the chain.

Price; 18$
The image of Luang Por Pra Sai has a story with various Miracles, and is considered the most sacred Buddha image in Nong Kai province. It is supposed to make those who make Bucha to it very rich, and bring happiness.
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